Thursday, 30 October 2008

Woof Woof

Cheer yourself up and have a look at these fabulous celluloid dog brooches! How great would they be on a warm winter coat lapel or brightly coloured beret around the fire on Bonfire night.

Celluloid is a type of plastic first created as a replacement for ivory in 1870 and is generally regarded as the first thermoplastic. As it is so easily molded and reshaped it began being used for a whole variety of objects from knife handles to table-tennis balls and of course fun and exciting jewellery that is still highly sought after today.

Celluloid stopped being widely used due to its highly flammable nature and the fact that it readily decomposes. It was just not a practical plastic to produce in the end and so the pieces that are still around now are quite rare and extra special.

These particular
pooches can be found at Alfies in 'The Originals' shop on the second floor. Paola and Iaia have a huge selection of celluloid and bakelite jewellery among other fascinating items. Definitely worth a look in!

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