Thursday, 20 December 2012

Vintage Scarves by Arnold Lever

It's no secret that Alfies is an exceptional place for finding beautiful and unusual vintage pieces. With an ever-changing collection of rare antiques and quirky vintage objects, there's always something new to explore. For example this wonderful collection of vintage scarves by Arnold Lever, which are currently displayed in room S014-16 on the second floor.

The rare WWII  Jacqmar scarves designed by Arnold Lever are amongst the most sought after scarves ever produced. Arnold Lever was a wonderful artist and besides his famous WWII propaganda scarves, he designed for companies such as Harrods, Lord Cricket Ground and Butlins. The Butlin Bahamas scarf is a very rare piece and designed for the holiday village that Billy Butlin opened in the Bahamas in 1950. Billy Butlin took a vacation in the Bahamas in 1946 and saw the future potential of this area. Two years later he decided to build a holiday village in true British style to appeal to the wealthy American market. This holiday village was intended to cater for middle class Americans and was designed with an typical English atmosphere. The village opened in January 1950 eventhough it was partly unfunished due to financial problems. Later that year the Korean war caused overseased investments to dry up and the holiday village had to be sold. This very rare scarf is one of the few remaining merchandising left from the holiday village.

Butlins Bahamas Scarf by Arnold Lever

The London 1948 Olympic Scarf

The Arnold Lever Gardeners Calender Scarf
Swan Lake Scarf

Lord Cricket Ground Scarf

For more information contact Leslie Verrinder - Tin Tin Collectables
0207 258 1305

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Alfies Christmas Shopping Party

On the 29th of November we held our annual Christmas Shopping Party, music was provided by the Wayward Sisters and customers were treated to canap├ęs and drinks while they shopped, it was a perfect evening. Thank you to everyone who came!

The Wayward Sisters at the Rooftop Kitchen
Trevor of Persiflage
Happy Shoppers
Dealer Tony Durante
Rooftop Kitchen

Carole Collier and June Victor
The Wayward Sisters

More pictures here.

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