Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Louis Vuitton Collector's Paradise

As the new Louis Vuitton store opens on Bond Street this week, the brand seeks to emphasise that this is not just a shop but a place to evoke the heritage and legacy of luxury, which Louis Vuitton encompasses.

Maison is designed with the theme 'collector' in mind, "Reflecting Louis Vuitton's art-de-vivre and savoir-faire, conceived as the home of a collector . . . [it] gives visitors opportunities to discover new and exciting experiences."

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton Malletier who developed the first flat bottomed trunks with trianon canvas which meant they were lightweight, airtight and could be stacked. This was a huge step forward for the travel industry and many others copied this design. To further protect his brand Louis Vuitton started using the damier canvas pattern (see below) with the unmistakable LV logo to stand out from the imitations starting off what was to become and internationally recognised and successful brand.

Walking through Alfies it is hard not to be taken in by the amount of history surrounding the artifacts and objects on the shelves. There are some very special pieces of luggage that resonate with the golden age of travel when journeys were a little more glamourous, if a bit more time consuming than they are today.

Furniture Lighting and Luggage. From Manley J Black

Louis Vuitton suitcase from the 1920s. From Travers Antiques

Head to the second floor for Tin Tin Collectables' new vintage luggage and travelling accessories shop for some serious collectors items.

Stencilled Noah & the Arc Trunk - Perfect for a Child's Toy Box!

Selection of Antique & Vintage Trunks, all from Tin Tin Collectables.

Antique and vintage luggage can be used in so many ways. Whether they are used for storage or as a sensational statement piece, the true beauty lies in the history, journeys and secret stories they contain.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Alfies' 2nd Nostalgia Event this Saturday!

We can't believe it's already been five weeks since our last event here at Alfies which was the first of our Nostalgia Saturdays series. We trust that all of you who attended had just as wonderful a time as ourselves. The music really did set a perfect backdrop for a vintage inspired Saturday spent discovering countless treasures in the market as well as enjoying a lunch or a little snack and a beverage on the sunny Rooftop Restaurant's terrace.

So we have travelled back in time and enjoyed some wonderful 20's and 30's music, poetry and readings, we feel it is now time to take a leap into the past again.
This time we have dedicated our Nostalgia Saturday to the very eventful and exciting 40's and 50's.
We would be delighted to welcome you on our little time travel adventure and t
ap your feet to the music provided by Dollar Bill and Greaser Leo!

And why not give in to temptation and treat yourself to a tasty milkshake and burger in the Rooftop Restaurant, we know we will!

You can still RSVP to or call 020 7723 6066 to receive our lovely event directory for you to print out and bring along on Saturday.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Nostalgia Saturday

In keeping with our 1940s- 1950s Nostalgia Saturday next weekend, we are looking forward to people coming dressed in their finest vintage attire.

If you are not so brave with wearing head to toe vintage, a great way to get the vintage look is by using appropriate accessories. During this period women compensated for the simple dresses they had to wear by jazzing up their outfits with bakelite jewellery, fake flowers and more decadent accessories.

Below are some items of inspiration from Alfies.

A selection of bakelite and celluloid jewellery from The Originals.

A pair of 1950's pink lucite and perspex shoes with pastel diamentes from The Girl Can't Help It

A matching carved Art Deco pink celluloid bangle and bakelite necklace from The Originals.

Stunning 1940s rose diamond, emerald, ruby long drop earrings from Paris Jewellery

A 1940's black fabric evening bag with diamantes from Tony Durante

Hope to see you all at next weeks Nostalgia Saturday! For a more detailed progamme of events email

Thursday, 6 May 2010

VE Day - May 8th

May 8th 1945 was Victory in Europe Day - heralding the end of the Second World War, when the Allies accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. It was a day of celebration for millions of people. We've had a little look around Alfies to see what beautiful pieces we could find of the period and here are a few of the highlights...

Rare model of Stilnovo writing desk lamp, Italy 1945
Modo Italia

A pair of unworn M43 Second World War US army rough-out boots
The Girl Can't Help It

1940s enamelled on silver gilt bracelet with leaf and flower detail
Gareth Brooks

This beautiful 1940s suit is by "Hebe Sports". The Scottish boucle tweed has a pleated skirt over a tightly waisted jacket.
Tin Tin Collectables

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