Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Symphony of Shadows opens at Alfies

Laurie Vanian is no ordinary seamstress.  Her unique background in the London punk scene, training at two of the very best fashion institutes and experience with stage costume and underground fashion give Laurie a certain edge to her original and exquisite work.  Opening a new studio at Alfies Antique Market, Laurie undertakes all requests from vintage repairs and alteration to bespoke pieces of clothing and pattern making.

Laurie in her new studio at Alfies
An enthusiastic designer from the age of 11, Laurie trained in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology and completed her degree at Central St Martins in London.  From there in 1977 she went on to set up a stand on the Kings Road where Adam Ant was one of her first customers.  By 1983 she had a stand at Hyper Hyper on Kensington Church Street, a retail premises known for emerging young designers such as Ghost, Pam Hogg, and Nigel Hall.  Laurie also spent many years making the stage costumes for her ex-husband’s punk band The Damned and was featured in numerous publications with celebrities such as Prince wearing her pieces.
An original design by Symphony of Shadows
Now working freelance Laurie has recently opened a studio at Alfies where she takes on a slightly different approach to fashion design.  Altering vintage pieces, she creates items of clothing that are wearable today.  With a diverse range of skills and experience Laurie takes on a variety of projects, from altering damaged vintage items and making them wearable again, to creating a dress pattern so that a much loved design can be re-made.  Laurie is the perfect person to see if you have something you just can’t bear to get rid of but no longer wear, or have seen the perfect vintage piece but it just doesn’t quite fit.  She’s the miracle cure to the vintage shopping dilemma.

Vintage Alterations by Symphony of Shadows.

Contact Symphony of Shadows:
Room D, First Floor at Alfies Antique Market
13-25 Church Street, Marylebone, London, NW8 8DT.
Tel: 07951 527 568

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