Friday, 26 July 2013

Dodo Posters: Vintage Advertising Posters

Indulge your love of all things advertising by browsing through the many posters, tins and packaging that Liz Farrow has on offer. Liz has been dealing in vintage advertising posters since 1960. Her stock includes mainly British, French, Italian and Spanish posters from the 1920s to 1930s on food, drink, travel, sport, entertainment, smoking products, crate and cracker bolt labels, tins and some packaging. Here's a look inside her shop at Alfies...

Liz also sells her posters online: 

Friday, 19 July 2013

New Dealer: Lauren-Nicole Boutique

On the second floor of Alfies, you will find a wonderful little stand full of unique vintage fashion clothing and accessories, which Audrey Horca has specially sourced for her shop Lauren-Nicole Boutique.

Please tell us about yourself / business

My name is Audrey Horca, I am a Business of Fashion graduate of The London College of Fashion and a Makeup Artist of 7 years to date. I started my entrepreneurial career in April 2011 opening and launching Kulaydoscope Creative as a freelance makeup service at Moondoll’s fashion fundraising event ‘Hope for Japan’ at Kensington Roof Gardens London.

I then went on to managing and hosting Kulaydoscope Creative’s very own and first independent event ‘Proudly Pinoy Araw ng Kalayaan 113th Independence Day Philippines’ at Anaya Mayfair London, which was a showcase of Filipino talents in the music & fashion industries through live music performances and a fashion show.

In August 2011 during a trip to the Philippines, my brother in-law, James Laurel opened a fashion boutique, HMRM7274 (Homeroom) with fellow friends Richard Herrera & Brent Javier that work in the fashion industry, in Makati Manila Philippines. The boutique specialised in bringing niche and exclusive brands to the Philippines. James felt that there was something lacking and wanted to have unique British brands instore which is when my vintage brand Lauren-Nicole London was born.

In May 2012 Lauren-Nicole London opened its first London-based retail outlet alongside Moondoll Boutique at the Hampstead Emporium, London. Unfortunately, the business was short-lived due to personal unforeseen commitments.

A year on Lauren-Nicole Boutique has opened its first independent retail outlet at Alfies Antique Market.

Lauren-Nicole Boutique specialises in carefully selecting Vintage fashion & accessories mostly from the 1960’s to 1980’s that can be easily incorporated in today’s modern fashion trends to create a unique and individual look. We also offer vintage-inspired hairstyling & makeup services on both instore and private services.

Lauren-Nicole Boutique believes in vintage being in a modern world, meaning being inspired by moments and physical things influencing the present. Lauren-Nicole Boutique is not just a brand it is a lifestyle. We also promote and support historic and history in the making events and exhibitions. We hope to go into selling antiques for the home in the near future.

What attracted you to vintage fashion?

I guess I was ‘attracted’ to vintage clothes / fashion upon playing dress-up with my Grandma’s and Mother's clothes and accessories. I later borrow clothes from my mother and still do. Lauren-Nicole is named after my two daughters Raichelle Lauren & Jaimelise Nicole who now also have taken to playing dress-up and borrowing my Mother's and my clothes.

I believe with fashion, what goes around comes back around.

Lauren-Nicole Boutique
Second Floor, stand S013


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