Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Meet our dealers!

We've been busy updating the Alfies website recently.  Every shop at Alfies has their own page on the main website.  Here you can find a list of products and information about their particular interests and specialisms.  You can now also see a photo of each dealer too!

Here are just a few, see more on our website:

Chris Janes of Janes Antiques - 18th & 19th century porcelain and silver
Emilia Porto of Thirteen Interiors & Thirteen Upholstery Workshop - 20th Century Interiors
June Victor - Vintage Fashion & Textiles
Liz Farrow of Dodo Posters - Vintage Advertising Posters
Paula Kluth of Travers Antiques - 19th & 20th century interiors
Robert McKoy of Peran Dachinger's Fine Art - Fine paintings and prints
Steven Lazarus - Industrial furniture and lighting
Come and visit Alfies, we are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am-6pm.

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