Thursday, 30 November 2017

Symbols of Christmas

Christmas is a Christian festival rich in tradition and history, symbolism being a theme that runs heavily throughout all aspects of the celebration. From the food we eat to the decorations we choose, a British Christmas today is still largely based on the Christian celebration. Here we explore some of those meanings through antiques from Alfies.

The Star – This symbolises the star which, according to the bible, guided the three kings to the baby Jesus upon his birth, whilst also depicting the shining hope of humanity.

A Victorian gold and diamond locket, c1900. Offered by Kieron Reilly

Red – Being the first colour of Christmas, this symbolises the 'saviour's' sacrifice and represents the blood of Jesus on the cross.

A Whitefriars ruby textured 'Pot Belly' vase, 1965. Offered by Robinson Antiques

The Fir Tree – Evergreen is the second colour of Christmas, representing everlasting light and life. Mostly this is displayed through a Christmas tree, which usually comes from the evergreen conifer family such as fir, pine or spruce.

An enamel Christmas tree brooch, 1980s. Offered by Gloria Sinclair

The Bell – Ringing bells symbolise the start of the festive season and the birth of Christ.

A selection of 9ct gold charms, 1960s/70s. Offered by Good Time Antiques

The Candle – A mirror of starlight, reflecting the star of Bethlehem.

A pair of silver plate Corinthian column candle sticks, c1910. Offered by Goldsmith & Perris

Holly – The prickly leaves represent the crown of thorns, said to have been worn by Jesus when he was crucified.

A pair of enamel holly earrings, 1980s. Offered by Gloria Sinclair

The Candy Cane – A treat that represents the shape of a shepherd's crook. It is a reminder that according to the bible, Jesus - the good shepherd - was born on Christmas Day and used the crook to bring the lost lambs back to the fold. The red strip represents his blood and the white his purity.

A patterned glass dish, 1950s. Offered by Renato

Friday, 24 November 2017

Fabulous Festive Fashion

Party season is well underway! Not sure what to wear? Make an entrance at the next Christmas soirée with these party outfit ideas and accessories. Whether you're more about subtle shine or dazzling diamanté, these vintage pieces will certainly turn heads...

Fashion staple: A classic black dress with a statement necklace is a surefire hit!
Vintage black dress, offered by June Victor; Statement necklace c1980s, offered by Gloria Sinclair

c1980s sequin bow clutch, offered by Gloria Sinclair

1980s Chanel clip on earrings, offered by Gloria Sinclair

1930s silver tone necklace with diamanté, offered by Gloria Sinclair

1960s faceted beaded evening bag, offered by June Victor

Rainbow glass crystal c1950s necklace, offered by June Victor

Diamanté tie, c1970s,  offered by June Victor
Cocktail party chic: Throw on this sequin jacket to add some sparkle to your outfit, c1960s, offered by Dream Retro
Perfect for a Christmas lunch: We love metallics for a touch of glamour! 1980s blouse, offered by June Victor  

Perfect for after-work drinks: A sparkly knit adds a hint of festive fun to an outfit.
Silver knit c1970s, offered by Dream Retro  

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Christmas Shopping at Alfies

This year's annual Late Night Christmas Shopping Party at Alfies, will take place Thursday, 7 December, from 5pm - 8pm. Enjoy cocktails and canapés from Frank's Canteen while you shop for Christmas gifts. There will also be music, provided by Jason Lee Singer, as well as free vintage hairstyling & make-up for customers from Kitty's Vintage Salon!

Read more here and click attending to be added to the guestlist. Entry is free, but by RSVP only!

If you haven't already picked up one of this year's Christmas gift guides, then make fret not, as there's also an online version, viewable here. In the meantime, below are our picks of the bunch!

18ct gold locket with emerald, Victorian, available from Zeeba Jewels

1930s bakelite cherry brooch, available from Connie Speight

Romeo Rega arch shaped table lamp, c1970s, available from Cupio Gallery

Vintage Chanel perfume glass bottle with silver and enamel, available from Hayman & Hayman

Set of 6 etched wine glasses with coloured stems, c1950s, available from W & L Antiques

Thursday, 9 November 2017

A Window Full of Christmas

Here at Alfies we always enjoy Christmas and like to start planning early, as do our dealers! From that start of November, Horner Antiques becomes a winter wonderland full of all kinds of interesting, wonderful and rare antique Christmas decorations. His window display becomes the main feature, taking on an ever changing festive theme for the coming months.

There is a huge variety to be seen from '70s American through to 1950s Soviet Russian decorations and, having collected over 1,800 pieces for this year, there is bound to be something that catches your eye. Read on to see just a selection of our favourites...

Clockwise from top: A parrot, 1950s/60s; A gold kremlin glass pine cone, 1950s; A Harlequin, 1950s; A milk glass cat in a basket, 1950s; A Phoenix, 1950s. All from Soviet Russia.

Clockwise from top: A selection of icicles, Soviet Russian, 1950s; A silver clown head, Czechoslovakian, 1950s. All available from Horner Antiques.

Clockwise from top: A concave ball, Polish, 1950s; A mandolin, Soviet Russian, 1950s; A nesting doll, Soviet Russian, 1970s; 'Little Muck Boy' from a German fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff, Soviet Russian, 1950s; A concave ball, Polish, 1950s/60s. All available from Horner Antiques.

Clockwise from top: A concave ball, Soviet Russian, 1950s; A pine cone, from Lauscha East Germany, 1950s; A concave ball, Soviet Russian, 1940s/50s. All available from Horner Antiques.

Clockwise from top: A pink wolf, 1950s; A milk glass rabbit with a carrot, 1950s; 'The Wizard Chernomor' from Pushkin's tale of 'Ruslan and Ludmila', 1950s; A dog as Santa Claus, 1960s; A bee on a honeycomb, 1940s. All from Soviet Russia and available from Horner Antiques.

P.S - Don't miss our Christmas Shopping Party, Thursday 7 December from 5-8pm, where you can see everything all our dealers have on offer and hopefully find a few gifts whilst enjoying food, drink and entertainment. You can RSVP via Facebook or contact us.

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Services: A spotlight on Moe Heidarieh

This week's blog highlights our resident watch repairer, Moe Heidarieh. Moe has been based at Alfies for over 20 years and has established himself as a trusted vintage watch dealer and repairer. His expertise and cheerfulness have won him legions of faithful customers. Not only will you leave with your fully restored watch, you'll also leave with a smile on your face. No job is too big or too small for Moe!

Moe at his stand, G009-011

Moe at work

Vintage watches and pocketwatches

Hamilton watch c1950s, with an engraving on the back that says,
 “presented to James W.Bradfield in appreciation of 30 years service.” 
10k, 22 jewels mechanical winder, made in USA.

Ground Floor | Stand G009 - 011
Tel: 07807 359 931

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