Thursday, 9 November 2017

A Window Full of Christmas

Here at Alfies we always enjoy Christmas and like to start planning early, as do our dealers! From that start of November, Horner Antiques becomes a winter wonderland full of all kinds of interesting, wonderful and rare antique Christmas decorations. His window display becomes the main feature, taking on an ever changing festive theme for the coming months.

There is a huge variety to be seen from '70s American through to 1950s Soviet Russian decorations and, having collected over 1,800 pieces for this year, there is bound to be something that catches your eye. Read on to see just a selection of our favourites...

Clockwise from top: A parrot, 1950s/60s; A gold kremlin glass pine cone, 1950s; A Harlequin, 1950s; A milk glass cat in a basket, 1950s; A Phoenix, 1950s. All from Soviet Russia.

Clockwise from top: A selection of icicles, Soviet Russian, 1950s; A silver clown head, Czechoslovakian, 1950s. All available from Horner Antiques.

Clockwise from top: A concave ball, Polish, 1950s; A mandolin, Soviet Russian, 1950s; A nesting doll, Soviet Russian, 1970s; 'Little Muck Boy' from a German fairy tale by Wilhelm Hauff, Soviet Russian, 1950s; A concave ball, Polish, 1950s/60s. All available from Horner Antiques.

Clockwise from top: A concave ball, Soviet Russian, 1950s; A pine cone, from Lauscha East Germany, 1950s; A concave ball, Soviet Russian, 1940s/50s. All available from Horner Antiques.

Clockwise from top: A pink wolf, 1950s; A milk glass rabbit with a carrot, 1950s; 'The Wizard Chernomor' from Pushkin's tale of 'Ruslan and Ludmila', 1950s; A dog as Santa Claus, 1960s; A bee on a honeycomb, 1940s. All from Soviet Russia and available from Horner Antiques.

P.S - Don't miss our Christmas Shopping Party, Thursday 7 December from 5-8pm, where you can see everything all our dealers have on offer and hopefully find a few gifts whilst enjoying food, drink and entertainment. You can RSVP via Facebook or contact us.

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