Thursday, 22 December 2016

New Dealer: Jason Smallwood

Jason Smallwood is the newest edition to the dealers at Alfies, and he's bought with him a very unique collection of pieces - many with unique histories too.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I have been collecting 'Outsider Art' for about 25 years now. It's just a genre of Art that interests me. Usually the narrative or the story of the artist is mostly of a non academic background and rarely were they accepted by the class of the academic art world, involving gallery exhibitions. There is also usually some form of mental illness involved in the character of the artist. 

How did you become a dealer?
I was a collector before I was a dealer and it's just something that grew into what I now do for a living. I have sold collections of rare paintings, I have discovered and owned some of the biggest buyers in this field of art. Having a love and passion for this kind of art has really helped my business as an art dealer. 

How would you describe your stock?
My stock is an interesting mix of self-taught, outsider, non-academic and visionary painters and sculptors..all with very interesting backgrounds.

Do you have any personal favourites in your collection? 
Current favourites in my stock right now are two rare and original 1971 private language paintings by the Plymouth based artist Robert Lenkiewicz. These were personal paintings of Lenkiewicz's that have been in a private collection for years, so now is the first time they have been viewed by the public. I met Lenkiewicz when he was alive and visited his studio in the nineties. To me he is one of the great "outsider" painters. He owned a 17th century skeleton of a woman called Ursula Kemp who was killed by trial for Witchcraft, and also embalmed the body of his friend and kept him in the drawer of his studio.

Do you have a favourite gallery to visit in London?
The Gallery of Everything on Chiltern Street.

Do you collect anything?
I collect lots of things, some useless and some beautiful, but mostly they are interesting and bizarre.

If you could own any piece of art from history what would it be?
I would love to own a painting called 'Peter and the Fisherman' by Mary Barnes circa 1960s/70s. I have owned various works by Mary Barnes at different times, and have sold them on to private buyers. But this one is a fantastic painting and one I would keep hold of.

You can find Jason at Alfies Antique Market, stand F051-51. Below are a few examples of items you'll find in his stand...

Mick Spilane Sculpture, 20th century

Richard Mcreith painting, acrylic on paper, 20th century

Mick Spilane drawing, crayon on paper, 20th century

Richard Mckreith painting, acrylic on paper, 20th century
Locket necklace pendant with illustrations made from hair, 20th century

Jason Smallwood
F050-51 | Tel: 07767 799 434 | | Instagram: @jason3smallwood

Alfies Christmas Opening Hours

Friday 23rd December: 
10am - 6pm

Saturday 24th December:
10am - 1pm

Alfies will be closed from 1pm Saturday 24th December 2016 
until 10am Tuesday 3rd January 2017 

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, 16 December 2016

The Second Floor Gallery: David Harper

David Harper has recently moved into the Second Floor Gallery, you'll find his vivid artwork adorning the light filled space, along with limited edition prints and a carefully curated selection of lighting and furniture.

David Harper

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m an art and antiques dealer / broker and artist…also a BBC TV presenter.

How would your describe your stock?
My stock at Alfies dates from the 17th century to mid 20th century furniture, lighting and sculpture - then into the 21st century century with my paintings. 

Do you have any personal favourites in your collection?
Currently my favourite piece is a crocodile embossed leather chair. Amazingly I recently bought this chair back after having it made and then sold as a one off for an exhibition 15 years ago. 

What piece would you love to find?
I’ve found many very special pieces over the years, but coming across a forgotten Picasso would be quite nice!

Do you have a favourite gallery to visit in London?
My favourite galleries in London are the museums…not very much in design is actually that new. Look closely at modern shapes and styles and you’ll see images from the past. I get inspiration from these places for my paintings.

Do you collect anything?
I collect classic cars.

If you could own any piece of art from history what would it be?
An early 1960s Bentley Continental Convertible…as much a piece of art as anything I’ve ever seen.

Here's a selection of eye-catching pieces you'll find in the Second Floor Gallery...

David Harper
Second Floor Gallery
Take the lift to the second floor or turn right at the top of the main wooden staircase.
Tel: 07593 178 005 | Email:

Thursday, 1 December 2016

A Vintage Christmas Dinner, from Alfies

Christmas is arguably the ultimate dining event. For some, it's the one meal of the year when families and friends come together and make time for each other. An event that's steeped in tradition, it's not just the food itself that is part of the ritual of Christmas but also the decoration of the dining table. 

To mark the beginning of December, and the Alfies Christmas Shopping Event, which takes place today, we have collected some of Alfies' best dinnerware to help inspire your Christmas planning.

Mappin and Webb 1950s silver plate Hors d'Oeuvres tray. Offered by Good Time Antiques
Silver plate grape scissors. Offered by W & L Antiques

Sheffield plate Edwardian soup tureen and ladle. Offered by Gloria Sinclair
A pair of open veg dishes in the style of chestnut baskets by Adams, 1891-1903. Offered by Horner Antiques
1950s/60s  crystal decanter set. Offered by Good Time Antiques
Ivory handled carving set. Offered by W & L Antiques
A variety of gravy boats, including Mappin and Webb and Sheffield Plate. Offered by Goldsmith & Perris

Friday, 25 November 2016

Alfies & Church Street: Matt Mitchell

Matt Mitchell, specialists in 20th century design & interiors, have recently relocated to 24 Church Street. Although we were sad to see them leave, we were content with the knowledge that they would reside just across the road from Alfies, strengthening Church Street as the design destination for interior decorators, designers and vintage devotees. In fact, many of the independent dealers who line the street, started out at Alfies.

Matt Mitchell at No.24 Church Street - "Church Street has great atmosphere and some of the most interesting design in London, and we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to open here."

Previously occupying the Second Floor Gallery, Matt Mitchell will continue to explore twentieth century design - bringing together modernism, Art Deco and architect-led industrial pieces.  Don't forget that as well as the shop, their full range will be available on their website and clients can view on request.

Be sure to visit the new shop which has been filled with glorious design pieces such as the items pictured below...

Italian Twin or Triple Bay Shelving Unit

Pair of Mid-Century Armchairs

"Como" Tea & Coffee Set by Sabattini for Christoffle

1960s Austrian Glass Wall Lights

A view of Matt Mitchell's shop, No.24 Church Street 

Alfies is located directly opposite the shop | 24 Church Street, London, NW8 8EP +44 7932 678 410

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Christmas Shopping Party at Alfies Antique Market

Two weeks from today Alfies will be opening its doors until 9pm for its annual Late Night Shopping Event. The after-hours shopping party has become legendary for its entertainment, cocktails and canapés and is a fantastic way to shop for rare and beautiful Christmas gifts.

This year you can enjoy vintage inspired music from The Haywood Sisters and complimentary canapés and drinks from the Roof Top Kitchen while you browse. You will also be able to suss out what lies ahead in 2016 with forecasts from our in-house tarot card reader and, this year, for those who arrive between 5pm and 6pm there will be a special raffle draw with a range of gift vouchers available to win, from £20-£100.

Music: Sets at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm
Tarot Card Reading: Based in unit S002-04. Use the sign up sheet on the door to select a time slot
Raffle: Arrive between 5pm and 6pm and the doorman will give you a raffle ticket for our 7.30pm prize draw. Winners will be announced at the end of The Haywood Sisters' 7pm set, in the jewellery corner on the ground floor.
Bar: Drinks stations will be located on the first and second floors.

The Haywood Sisters performing in the Roof Top Kitchen

Shoppers at the Alfies Christmas Shopping Event
Alfies Christmas Gift Guide 2016. Pick one up from reception or view online here

9ct Gold earrings with Cabochon Emeralds and Diamonds. From Good Time Antiques.
Cartier 18ct Gold and Sapphire Art Deco Cufflinks, c.1930s. From Kieron Reilly.

Napier cocktail Tells-You-How-Mixer, 1932, silver plate. From Goldsmith & Perris.

1930s ostrich feather fan with tortoiseshell handle From Tin Tin Collectables.

This event is free but by RSVP only - please click attending on our Facebook event, or contact us using the information below to ensure entry:

020 7723 6066

Friday, 11 November 2016

November's Birthstone: Citrine

Although paired with the gloomy month of November, citrine is often referred to as the "Happy Sunshine Stone" and takes its name from the French word for lemon, “citron". They can be found in a range of pale yellows, to golden browns, and even a lovely burnt amber. 

Citrine was historically known as ‘The Merchant’s Stone’. This harks back to the myths of the Sun Gods in ancient civilisations, when anything golden coloured was seen as being touched by the Gods and therefore extremely beneficial and lucky. It is a beautiful stone and one renowned for bringing the wearer abundance, prosperity and joy.

Below are some of our favourite citrine picks available at Alfies...

Citrine and garnet cross on 18k, c1880, from Zeeba Jewels

Pearl & citrine pendant, c1900, offered by Zeeba Jewels

Edwardian diamond and citrine marquis shaped ring c1900, available from Gareth Brooks

Pearl & citrine brooch, c1900, offered by Zeeba Jewels

18 Ct gold monkey ring with citrine, diamonds, sapphire and tourmaline, available from Pari's Jewellery

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Autumn Themes

With Autumn officially starting at the point of the Autumn Equinox that took place on 22nd September, and ending with the Winter Solstice which takes place 21st December, we are now officially in the middle of the season.

Autumn is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and atmospheric seasons to observe. With its richness of colour, the rotting leaves and the texture they leave in the landscape once they've fallen from the tree, the smell of the air, the fog, the sharpness of the night sky and the light that changes with the season.

With the visual and sensory stimulation that autumn provides, it's no wonder that writers, poets and artists throughout history have found it such an abundant source of inspiration.

A few examples of famous works of art depicting Autumn include:

'Autumn Effect at Argenteuil' by Claude Monet, 1873
'Autumn' by Guiseppe Arcimboldo, 1573
'Les Alyscamps' by Vincent Van Gogh, 1888

Alfies is home to a wonderful collection of dealers, with artworks that span many periods and styles. With this in mind we looked around for pieces on offer that reflect the current season and collected together some of our favourites.

English Landscape, late 19th century oil on board. Offered by John Cserny Fine Arts

English Landscape, late 19th century oil on board. Offered by John Cserny Fine Arts

Snowdonia, signed A. Hudson, contemporary oil on board. Offered by Mark Eaton

Harvest still life, 1940s oil on board. Offered by Robert Mckoy Fine Arts

Autumn view of Canada, 1940s oil on board. Offered by Robert McKoy Fine Arts

Thursday, 27 October 2016

An Antique Halloween

We're getting close to Halloween weekend and here at Alfies we're getting into the spooky spirit of this ancient Pagan festival!

Also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows' Eve, or All Saints' Eve, Halloween was originally the Gaelic festival of Samhain, which was a harvest festival celebrating the last crops gathered in for the winter. The pagans also believed it was a time when the walls between our world and the next became thin and porous, allowing spirits to pass through.  As for the custom of wearing costumes, it was traditionally believed that the souls of the dead wandered among us until All Saints' Day, and 'All Hallows' Eve' gave the dead one last opportunity to take revenge on their enemies before moving on to the next world. To avoid being recognised by the ghosts who might seek them out, people would wear masks and costumes to disguise themselves.

Alfies has a whole host of ghoulish goodies to keep you entertained this Halloween - and Payday! - weekend. Here are a few of our favourites:

'Brain Drain', by Peter Holland, 1966. A mechanism on the back allows red liquid to be inserted to give the impression of blood spewing from the head. From Mark Eaton.

French horse skull From Mark Eaton.

Victoria Frances 20th Century vampire print. From John Cserny Fine Arts.

Vintage mannequin hand,  from Mark Eaton.

Lead Martin Brothers style jug. From Good Time Antiques

Victorian brass devil figural inkwell and pen stand, with hinged lid. From Good Time Antiques

Set of four 1940s cranberry wine glasses, from W&L Antiques

One of a selection of 1960s silver charms. From Good Time Antiques

Sphinx enamel frog brooch. From Gloria Sinclair.

Need a break from shopping? What could be better than a spooky stop off at Alfies' Roof Top Kitchen and terrace?

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