Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Interview with...Persiflage

Name: Persiflage
Stand No.: S006-S008.

1. What do you sell? Vintage clothes and accessories. Trimmings, patterns and fabric.

2. How long have you been at Alfies? 8 years

3. How did you get into selling antiques? Always my hobby, changed jobs when I had my son.

4. What do you think makes Alfies unique? Friendly atmosphere and a vast array of different objects.

5. What is your favourite object you are selling at the moment and why? Tiaras. They bring out the little girl instinct, and they are upbeat and glamourous for Christmas!

Persiflage have some incredible glamourous dresses at the moment. Best get in and snap one up for Christmas before everyone beats you to it! Perfect for Christmas and New Year celebrations!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Botany Inspired

A recent drink at The Botanist on Sloane Square gave me inspiration to do a organic and foliage lead post today. I went in search around Alfies to find the sorts of decorative things that I could use if I wanted to recreate that look. I found that some many things from prints, to ceramics and fabrics have some great foliage patterns that could really add a natural element to an interior.

Mo Heidarieh on the ground floor had these really lovely antique prints that were similar to the botany prints that were hung up on the walls at The Botanist. Mo has loads of these sorts of prints and they actually date as far back as 100 years ago.

Upstairs on the second floor I found this ceramic water casket with an organic pattern in a blue and white glaze at Manley Black’s. I think he said it was Victorian and it was missing it’s lid but I think it look wonderful nonetheless.

For fabrics and textiles, I had a look at June Victor’s stand on the second floor. She had this beautiful blue silk embroidered Japanese sleeve trimmings from an old kimono that could be used on cushions, npkins or table cloths. I thought they would look really strinking with white fabric.

At Beverly’s, I found a couple of sweet little teacups and saucers. One of which was a Shelley trio from the Victorian era and looked so delicate and elegant. I have a penchant for lustreware and I found this stunning lustre jug there too!

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Interview with...Victor Caplin

Name: Victor Caplin

1. What do you sell?
Ancient antique amd collectable beads. Mid 20th Century English ceramics. Antique and collectable textiles, lighting, lighters, glass.

2. How long have you been at Alfies? 3 years

3. How did you get into selling antiques?
Needed more
space for my bead collection. Started dealing to fund my collecting and it grew from there!

4. What do you think makes Alfies unique?
A community of friendly dealers offering a diversity of interesting objects.

5. What is your favourite object that you are selling at the moment?
Roman and Pre-Roman beads and neckaces.

To see more ancient collectables of Victors click here!

Friday, 5 December 2008


Well what an evening we had here at Alfies last Thursday!! The building was literally packed to the rafters with guests shopping and enjoying the party atmosphere.

Two sets of musicians filled the halls with the sounds of violins, accordions and guitars. Food and drink flowed heartily and everyone who came had a fantastic time. Christmas after all will always be an excuse to celebrate and that is exactly what we managed to do! Many had their Tarot read by the fabulous and wise Estelliane in a secluded corner of the second floor. Part way through the evening 'The Girl Can't Help It's' window became centre stage for Trixie Malicious' Turkey Tease. This beautiful burlesque lady had more than a few tassles in a twirl as everyone gathered outside Alfies to watch her terrific show. Now that the party is over the market seems almost back to normal, busy with Christmas shoppers and people looking for the perfect gift, but still full of the Alfies magic that seems to always last a bit longer than the festive season. Thanks to everyone who came and we hope to see you again next year!!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

BBC Bargain Hunt!

BBC Bargain Hunt came to film a celebrity version of the popular show right here at Alfies Antique Market!
Here are some photos from the shoot and you can also watch the show here:

The second airing of the show will be on the 8th December on BBC2.

Interview with...The Girl Can't Help It!

Names: Sparkle Moore & Cad Van Swankster
Stand: The Girl Can't Help It

1. What do you sell/what service do you provide?

1930s-1950s American Vintage Clothing & Accessories. We provide glamour.

2. How long have you been at Alfies?

11 years

3. How did you get into selling antiques?

Collecting something we love.

4. What makes Alfies unique?
Diversity of stalls, personalities and atmosphere.

5. What is your favourite item you are selling at the moment and why?
A Pauline Trigere Designer Opera Coat. When the collar is down it looks like a beautifully cut black coat. Turn the collar up and it is red velvet and jewelled for evening!

You can see more beautiful clothes and accessories from The Girl Can't Help It online here.
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