Friday, 24 June 2016

Cricket at Lord's

The cricket season is well and truly underway at Lord's Cricket Ground in St John's Wood. For those of you who are cricket widows or widowers, Alfies is just up the road from Lord's (take the 139 or 189 bus from Hall Road Abbey Road and get off at Church Street Lisson Grove) and is the perfect place to while away an afternoon shopping for antiques, collectables, 20th century design and much more.

Today, Thursday 23 June
Middlesex v Sussex
More information here

At Alfies we have a wonderful selection of Cricket related items, here's a small pick of what our dealers have on offer...

Signed 1950s cricket bat, from Eclectic Antiques & Contemporary

Cricket card print, framed, from Diplomat Treasures International at stands F042-45, F046-49 & F057/58

1950s Cricket bat tie bar, offered by Connie Speight

1950s silk scarf by Jacqmar designed by their in house designer Arnold Lever, highlighting
the rules and etiquette of cricket, offered by Tin Tin Collectables

Upcoming England internationals at Lord's in 2016:
Thursday 14 - Monday 18 July - First Investec Test match v Pakistan
Saturday 27 August - 2nd Royal London ODI v Pakistan

Visit Alfies Tuesday - Saturday, 10am-6pm.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

New Dealer: Henrietta Harper Antiques & Vintage

We are pleased to announce we have another new dealer who has recently joined Alfies: Henrietta Harper.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your company?
I have always been fascinated and surrounded by beautiful objects. I had also recently been spending a lot of time in auctions and simply couldn't help myself but buy everything and anything that caught my eye, and I quite quickly got to the point where I had more than enough objects to easily fill a little shop. I spent a lot of time researching it all and I knew everything there was to know about the items that I was clogging up my apartment with, and so I decided to move out of working in art galleries and focus all my time and energy on buying and selling the objects that I was truly passionate about, and here I am. 

How did your interest in antiques develop?
I think it's in the blood! My Father has been an antique dealer all my life and my childhood was spent crammed into the back of estate cars with all his antiques, paintings, and anything he could physically fit in the car. As I got older I actually started to appreciate the things he filled the house with and gradually spent more and more time learning about his pieces with him. When I eventually left school, I went straight into the business instead of University and just never left. 

Contemporary jug vase, offered by Henrietta Harper Antiques & Vintage

Contemporary ribbed vase, offered by Henrietta Harper Antiques & Vintage

What is the most interesting part of your job? 
Buying! Auctions are just so exciting to me and I get to play with my competitive nature a little. I also get to learn about a fresh, new object every time I buy something, which is what this business is really all about.   

Do you have any personal favourites in your collection?
I think my favourite item I have at the moment is quite a rare 1920s Art Nouveau pewter and green glass vase by Liberty & Co. It was an item that I hadn't spotted on first look at an auction catalogue and it caught my eye at the last minute whilst I was bidding on other things and it turned out to be pretty extraordinary 

1920s Art Nouveau vase by Liberty & Co, available at Henrietta Harper Antiques & Vintage

If you could own any piece of art from history what would it be?
I would absolutely love to own Joan Miros 'Femme devant la lune' from 1944. It used to hang in the last gallery I worked for and I just became obsessed with it. It is actually my phone screensaver and I just think it's a magical piece of art. 

Joan Miro 'Femme devant la lune'

Do you have a favourite gallery to visit in London?
I really enjoy the quiet little galleries in strange locations where you can spend hours without anyone bothering you. I went to Maureen Paleys peaceful gallery in Bethnal Green recently which is one of my favourite spaces that I've been to but I still think the Royal Academy still has to take the title, especially with its wonderful history and the current summer exhibition.

What antiques, besides those you already deal in, would you be interested in collecting?
I really love Oriental pieces. Although I have bought and sold a few, I would really like to bring some more into my stock. They have amazing histories, the culture is fascinating and you can mix them beautifully with all sorts of other pieces, of any age.

Henrietta Harper Antiques & Vintage
Stand G100
Tel: 07593178005

Friday, 10 June 2016

New Dealer: Creative Jewellery Company

This week we put the spotlight on jewellery designer Laurance Mendoza at Creative Jewellery Company, who has recently joined Alfies.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and your company?

I come from a family of talented creative people, Grandmother who was wardrobe mistress and dressmaker at the Old Vic Theatre, Father and Grandfather bespoke tailors to the entertainment and sporting industry.

I started off training at the Central St Martins school in Aldgate, (formally Sir John Cass School of Art), gained further knowledge at a jewellery company in Greater London, after two years was asked to join an upmarket fine jewellery company, in London's fashionable Marylebone High Street whose clients included celebrities and dignitaries, I setup a workshop there where I developed my abilities of designing and making fine jewellery to understanding and interpreting customers'  needs and requirements in the field of jewellery making, repairing and restoring.

Being passionate about jewellery making, (in my opinion), is something that comes from the heart.

My work varies from a funky silver range of jewellery with a very unusual range of "ripple effect" items, where no two pieces are the same, to alterations and restorations, (example, a ring that was driven over and was completely flat, was restored to its former glory rather than being scrapped), to creating unique bespoke creations from paper sketch to works of art.

Do you have a personal favourite in your collection? 

The diamond heart and tsavorite hinged bracelt, the Mimi Cross, the diamond flower & petal ring which is made of 29 seperate components of platinum, the Gold Flying V guitar pendant and the silver "Elements of inner earth" pendant, that took many attempts to create the design I was looking for.

"Elements of inner earth" pendant

Gold flying V guitar pendant

Mimi Cross

What is your favourite metal to work with ?

I prefer 18 carat gold and platinum, but love silver as well.

You also do jewellery repair are there any differences in doing repairs to new, vintage and antique jewellery?

Yes, there are many differences, most important for me is checking for any previous repairs before starting work on the item.

Crushed Ring
Crushed ring being repaired
Crushed ring restored to its former glory

What would you recommend for maintenance and care of jewellery, gold and silver?

TLC, treat jewellery with care, clean and gently polish the metal with soft silver or jewellery cleaning cloths, never use oil based solutions for cleaning any stones... Always get advice from a reputable jeweller for liquid cleaning any jewellery with stones in.

What is your favourite part of the job in your work as a jewellery designer and repair expert?

That's easy, the look of joy and excitement on clients faces when they finally see the finished article, the hugs are bonus too.

It's a great feeling as a craftsman to be able to put a smile on so many people's face and to create objects of art that hopefully will last a lifetime.

Creative Jewellery Company
Laurance Mendoza
Stand S052
Tel: 07754 059 856

Friday, 3 June 2016

New stand: Horner Antiques

Michael Horner of Horner Antiques has recently moved into a larger unit (G012-13) with a window display, which has been fantastically dressed in Chinese and Japanese blue and white. It is the first time these chargers have been seen in the UK.

We had a fascinating glimpse in Michael's stunning new stand...

Horner Antiques Chinese and Japanese blue and white window display

Horner Antiques specialises in Oriental wares and have an extensive range of items

Snuff bottles

Snuff bottles
Horner Antiques have a great selection of Chinese snuff bottles in various materials such as bone, porcelain, stone, jasper and china. They date from 1850 onwards. Up until cocaine was banned they were used for cocaine as well as snuff. They were not made for any particular market. Examples have been collected for centuries and can be found in all manner of colour and decoration from incredibly plain to very fancy, including erotic.

A selection of Imari

An extensive range of Imari, mostly dating to the Meiji period (1863-1912) are on display. Imari is a port in Japan, the wares are actually made in Arita and shipped through the port of Imari. They were shipped in packing cases that were stencilled Imari, hence when they came to the West they were thought of as Imari wares rather than Arita.


Horner Antiques Kutani collection. Ku means nine, Tani means Valley – 9 valleys - the name of the place the items come from in Japan. The traditional colour pigments used in Kutani ware are found in the area.

Horner Antiques
Stand G012-13
Tel: 07748 653 580

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Design at Alfies

A key event in the design calendar, Clerkenwell Design Week is now in its seventh year and consists of exhibitions, street spectacles, talks and workshops, showcasing the best in all things creative. London’s Clerkenwell has become home to a plethora of design and architectural practices and now boasts more than 80 design showrooms, including world leaders Moroso, Vitra, Arper, Poltrona Frau, Carl Hansen & Søn and Knoll. 

This three day festival started on 24 May 2016, with venues including the the House of Detention, Spa Fields, Fabric nightclub, St James Church. Today is the last day of the event, if you can't make it do not fret! There is no shortage of design pieces on offer at Alfies.  

Orefors Cased Vase, designed by Nils Landberg. Dusk range, 1955, offered by Robinson Antiques

Sculptural Sciolari Flush Mount Pendant, offered by The Moderns

Venetian Sommerso glass perfume bottles, Italian, offered by Sambataro

1950's Set of Five Italian Occasional Tables, offered by Vincenzo Caffarella

Abo Randers for LYFA Denmark brass floor light c1960, offerd by Thirteen Interiors

Friday, 13 May 2016

Scandimania: Norway and Beyond

A Spring cultural celebration of Scandinavia's art, music, cinema and folk culture, opened yesterday at the Dulwich Picture Gallery and will run until 15 May. Peruse a variety of Scandi market stalls and all things Scandi-inspired. This event is influenced by Painting Norway: Nikolai Astrup; one of Norway's most renowned artists, Astrup's work transforms the rugged Norwegian landscape into a mythical, living entity.

Scandinavian design is abundant at Alfies and is a design movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality that emerged in the 1950s. The idea that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all, is a core theme in the development of modernism and functionalism. Its aesthetic has proved timeless and is a favourite amongst interior designers. We’re familiar with classic 1950s and 1960s Scandinavian chairs: Eero Aarnio’s Ball, Arne Jacobsen’s Egg, Eero Saarinen’s Tulip, which you can usually find adorning the fashionable homes of design addicts. However, it is not just the heritage brands making waves; Nordic countries now boast some of the best design schools in the world.

You too can own a design classic! The following items are just  a small example of Scandi pieces available at Alfies... 

Sigvard Bernadotte 1954 two-seater, offered by Thirteen Interiors

Mid Century Holmegaard 'Canada' Smoke Glasses, Denmark, offered by Robinson Antiques

Danish Silver Plated Tea and Coffee Set by Cohr, offered by The Moderns

Three-Tiered Danish 1950s Chandelier with Teak, Denmark, offered by The Moderns

Danish 1950s scissor lamp, offered by Thirteen Interiors

Three-Tiered Danish 1950s Chandelier with Teak, Denmark, offered by Matt Mitchell London

And don't forget, Alfies and the Church Street antiques area are hosting a week of pop-up shops and activities in collaboration with this year’s London Design Festival, between 20 and 24 September 2016, when you can get up close and personal with these beautiful objects!

Friday, 6 May 2016

London Craft Week - Getting Crafty With Alfies

This week we are excited about the second edition of London Craft Week (3 - 7 May), which takes place across several locations in London. Last year they launched with 70 events, this year they will play host to an impressive 130 events across the city, showcasing the wonderful works and craftsmanship of renowned artists to new makers in the industry.

In the studio with London Glass Blowing for London Craft Week

The London Craft Week ethos is to experience the magic of true creativity. They believe in showcasing what quality means and offering opportunities to meet and watch some of the world's most finest artists at work. Visitors will also have a chance to try the skills themselves. Events taking place include beautiful gems such as diamonds being cut and polished, fragrances being developed, silversmithing, fine ceramic painting and glass blowing.

We are particularly looking forward to seeing London Glass Blowing with Peter Layton, demonstrating their spectacular glass art skills. Peter Layton’s contribution to glass art has been at the forefront of British studio glass since the 1970s and has contributed hugely to its promotion and success. In the last 40 years, scores of talented glass makers have worked under his tutelage, producing successful collaborative projects and individual works of glass art. We are pleased to announce London Glass Blowing company will be hosting a week long pop-up at Alfies this September, in collaboration with Alfies 40th anniversary celebrations.

'Cascade' by Peter Layton, London Glass Blowing

At Alfies we are proud to have our own team of craftsmen and women.

Thirteen Upholstery Workshop have been based at Alfies for over 10 years and were established more than 20 years ago. They deal with all materials from silk to leather, on an unlimited range of vintage furniture and other items, in particular mid century pieces.

Luiz of Thirteen Upholstery at work
The finished result; a 1966 Jupiter chair designed by Pierre Guariche for Meurop.

Thirteen Upholstery Workshop | Unit G005 | Tel: 07811 008 144

Symphony of Shadows are our vintage clothing alterations and repairs specialists. Laurie Vanian is skilled in all aspects of dress making including pattern making and creating bespoke pieces. From her studio at Alfies, Laurie is no ordinary seamstress; her unique background in the London punk scene, training at two of the very best fashion institutes, and experience with stage costume and underground fashion give Laurie a certain edge to her original and exquisite work.

Laurie Vanian working on a bespoke piece in her studio in Room D

Symphony of Shadows | Room D | Tel: 07951 527 568 |

William Campbell Fine Frames and Framing have been based at Alfies since 1992. William is an artist in his own right. He is skilled in creating a wide range of high quality bespoke wooden frames, from contemporary box frames to spectacular copies of period gilded frames. William is a proud member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, proving that he has built an enviable and consistent reputation in the business for excellence.

William Campbell

William Campbell's workshop window.

William Campbell Fine Frames and Framing | Unit G006-08 | Tel: 020 7723 7730 |

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Alfies Celebrate 40 Years!

This year marks Alfies Antique Market’s 40th year in business... and we're celebrating!

When Bennie Gray bought the building, that was previously home to Jordan’s Department Store, in 1976, he had a clear vision of creating an unpretentious indoor antiques market. He quickly launched Alfies – named after his jazz musician father – and the centre went from strength to strength. Originally occupying just one floor of the building, Alfies Antique Centre today covers 35,000 square feet over four floors, complete with over 70 dealers and a charming roof-top café and terrace. Over the years, Alfies’ dealers have spread out on to the surrounding Church Street, opening shops and turning this corner of Marylebone into a destination for antiques, decorative items and high quality design.

Alfies in the 1970s

Alfies on opening day, 1976

To celebrate this impressive anniversary, Alfies and the Church Street antiques area are hosting a week of pop-up shops and activities in collaboration with this year’s London Design Festival, between 20 and 24 September 2016.

Alfies’ main attraction will be an occupancy from London Glassblowing, which was established by Peter Layton in 1976 and also shares its 40th anniversary with Alfies. Ahead of its time, London Glassblowing was among the first hot-glass studios in Europe and is now known as having a particular flair for the use of colour, form and texture.

Peter Layton in his glass blowing studio, 1979

Black Paradiso by Peter Layton

Peter Layton in his glass blowing studio

Alongside this, Church Street will be hosting an array of antique, art and design focused pop-up shops, with more details to be confirmed.

In-store, Alfies will also be holding talks and demonstrations from experts within and outside of the centre; Alfies is particularly proud to be welcoming Mark Hill for a talk on 20th century glass; co-founder of the Antiques Young Guns, Mark has also presented on both the BBC Antiques Roadshow and Collectaholics programmes.

Mark Hill

Find out more about our celebrations in September here

Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Queen's Birthday

Festivities are taking place around the country today to celebrate the UK's longest-serving monarch's 90th birthday. Although April 21 marks the Queen's actual birthday, she has a second "official" birthday on a Saturday in June. Traditionally, official celebrations to mark a sovereign's birthday have been held on a day other than their actual date of birth, particularly when the actual birthday has not fallen in the summer. The tradition is linked to the unreliable British weather because the royal family want to hold the grand birthday parade in the summer. This year, Queen Elizabeth's "official" birthday, will be celebrated on 11 June. 

In honour of Her Majesty's birthday, we have rounded up a few royal related items and memorabilia, available at Alfies.

A vintage postcard of Queen Elizabeth, driving to the state opening of Parliament, offered by Mark Eaton

Queen's Coronation souvenir spoon, offered by Naneen Brooks

Queen's Coronation 1953 wine taster souvenir, silver plated, English. Offered by Horner Antiques

British made bunting, used for the Queens Coronation, offered by Tin Tin Collectables

Vintage Union Jack flag, offered by Tin Tin Collectables

Vintage dress, offered by Tin Tin Collectables

Queen Elizabeth II, Silver Jubilee souvenir crystal ashtray, offered by Tobacciana Collectibles

A painting of Windsor Castle, offered by Mark Eaton

Various postcards featuring Windsor Castle, offered by Mark Eaton

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