Friday, 26 October 2012

Happy Halloween!

Alfies is the perfect destination for the lead up to Halloween, here you will spot lots of spooky antiques for your celebrations!

1960s Lea Stein Cat from The Originals - Paola & Iaia

1960s Witch Charm Bracelet from Kieron Reilly

1930s Match holder from Good Time Antiques

1940s Spider brooch from Carol Collier

1950s Halloween giveaway with treats from Tin Tin Collectables

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Vintage Perfume Bottles

Since ancient times perfume bottles have been considered an art form. The container that held the perfume was considered as valuable as the perfume itself. Through the ages, perfume containers and vessels have come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes. At Alfies you can find a nice selection of old perfume bottles.

Art Deco Perfume Bottle £135
Offered by Hayman & Hayman

Art Deco Perfume Bottle £65
Offered by W&L Antiques

C1906 Silver and Glass Perfume Bottle. £285
Offered by Goldsmith & Perris

Art Deco Perfume Bottle £95
Offered by Hayman & Hayman

C1930s Perfume Bottle £38
Offered by W&L Antiques

Crystal Perfume Bottle C1886 £325
Offered by Goldsmith & Perris

Friday, 5 October 2012

Alfies Dealers Personal Favourites

Anna - Velvet Atelier, stand G014-22
 "1920s beaded peach dress because of the intricate details and because it is fairy like!"
Andrew Martin - Mirror Master, stand F016
 "1930s mirrored vase because of the craftmanship that's gone into the bevelling and brilliant cutting."
Carol Collier, stand S041-43
"1920s/30s silk bag with matching purse because of the lovely art nouveau/deco material and beautiful clasp, the fact that it is so fragile and in amazing condition for it's age."
 Paola and Iaia - The Originals, stand S057-58
Iaia: "Late Victorian iron holder because usually practical things can be quite non decorative just utilitarian, this looks nice, a lot of work has been put into it."
Paola: "I like everything in our stand, I don't buy if I don't like."

Steven Lazarus, stand F017
"1920s French day bed because of the simplicity of the style and the ends drop down." 
Moe Heidarieh, stand G009-11
"Late Victorian Mackintosh's Toffee hammer because I have had it for 20 odd years and it's always been useful. It was originally used to break up toffee. Somebody once tried to buy it off me but I am keeping this."
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