Friday, 5 October 2012

Alfies Dealers Personal Favourites

Anna - Velvet Atelier, stand G014-22
 "1920s beaded peach dress because of the intricate details and because it is fairy like!"
Andrew Martin - Mirror Master, stand F016
 "1930s mirrored vase because of the craftmanship that's gone into the bevelling and brilliant cutting."
Carol Collier, stand S041-43
"1920s/30s silk bag with matching purse because of the lovely art nouveau/deco material and beautiful clasp, the fact that it is so fragile and in amazing condition for it's age."
 Paola and Iaia - The Originals, stand S057-58
Iaia: "Late Victorian iron holder because usually practical things can be quite non decorative just utilitarian, this looks nice, a lot of work has been put into it."
Paola: "I like everything in our stand, I don't buy if I don't like."

Steven Lazarus, stand F017
"1920s French day bed because of the simplicity of the style and the ends drop down." 
Moe Heidarieh, stand G009-11
"Late Victorian Mackintosh's Toffee hammer because I have had it for 20 odd years and it's always been useful. It was originally used to break up toffee. Somebody once tried to buy it off me but I am keeping this."

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