Saturday, 21 February 2009

Treasures in the house

Spring is getting near, only a month until Spring Equinox and the days will get longer again. Now is the perfect time to start digging for pieces to celebrate spring, pieces that can only be found in a place like Alfies.
Gareth Brooks offers a fascinating Cat-Gut Bracelet made into delicate interlinked shapes and a Serpent shaped brooch made from ivory.

Or perhaps a bone necklace from Linda Chan?

These pieces will surely keep anyone entertained at a dinner party. Running out of luck? Then head for Pari’s Jewellery to get a Lucky Charm brooch featuring slender hands to enable you to grab all that you want.

In the need for an unusual Sweet Basket or a keepsake for tea? This cute butterfly adorned one from Linetta Greco can help to keep all those chocolates in one place and the beautifully Japanese imaged tea tin from Renato is perfect to house your favourite tea.

If you are more of a coffee fan, then get these quirky and colourful coffee spoons from Goldsmith & Perris to enjoy your afternoon treat.

For art lovers we can offer a psychedelic feast, have a look at Moreschi Modern & Contemporary Art for impressive art such as the optical illusion of Alberto Biasi.

As fashion is encouraging us to mix and match these days, the combination of a Pirate Chest handbag from The Girl Can’t Help It and a pretty tiara from Persiflage should do the trick.

Feel the Spring nearing - come and explore Alfies.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Alfies on Twitter!

It may or may not surprise you that Alfies is on Twitter. To some, it might seem a little odd mixing antiques and this new fandangled tool of communication. But we thought that Twitter was a great way, in addition to this blog, to keep you all updated on all that’s happening over here at Alfies and or course talk to you all about all things antique, retro and vintage. So, become an Alfies follower on Twitter!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentine's Day

In my opinion Valentine's day always comes with mixed emotions. For the people in a relationship and that way inclined it is a day of love and romantic offerings. For others it is filled with arguments and tears when the gifts are all wrong or just plain forgotten. Then there are the people who just aren't really all that bothered. I think I probably fall into the latter category although I must admit it I don't mind the occasional card, but only if it's a bit different from all the pink fluff and rather boring cards that usually get banded about at this time of the year.

Something more like this would be excellent! A unique card to value and probably hide away in a memory box to make you smile in years to come. These are from a box full of lovely designs sold by Colin Thompson (on the second floor of Alfies.)

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