Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Botany Inspired

A recent drink at The Botanist on Sloane Square gave me inspiration to do a organic and foliage lead post today. I went in search around Alfies to find the sorts of decorative things that I could use if I wanted to recreate that look. I found that some many things from prints, to ceramics and fabrics have some great foliage patterns that could really add a natural element to an interior.

Mo Heidarieh on the ground floor had these really lovely antique prints that were similar to the botany prints that were hung up on the walls at The Botanist. Mo has loads of these sorts of prints and they actually date as far back as 100 years ago.

Upstairs on the second floor I found this ceramic water casket with an organic pattern in a blue and white glaze at Manley Black’s. I think he said it was Victorian and it was missing it’s lid but I think it look wonderful nonetheless.

For fabrics and textiles, I had a look at June Victor’s stand on the second floor. She had this beautiful blue silk embroidered Japanese sleeve trimmings from an old kimono that could be used on cushions, npkins or table cloths. I thought they would look really strinking with white fabric.

At Beverly’s, I found a couple of sweet little teacups and saucers. One of which was a Shelley trio from the Victorian era and looked so delicate and elegant. I have a penchant for lustreware and I found this stunning lustre jug there too!

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