Thursday, 4 April 2013

Stapled Porcelain

18th Century Chinese Plate from Janes Antiques
This 18th Century Chinese plate was made for the European market, the raised pattern is reminiscent of Worcester. The crown coronet design on the rim of the plate means it probably belonged to a Baron.
Unintentionally, the back of this plate is also quite interesting. It reveals a method of repair using staples which was popular in former times.

This was how treasured porcelain was repaired in the days before glue, it was usually taken to a jeweller or metal smith to be restored. Holes were drilled in the plate using a rod of metal dipped in diamond dust, the holes were used for the metal staples. This was the favored technique of mending porcelain which dates back to the 17th century. It was an elaborate way of reassembling pieces together but was so effective that it was impervious to water. To this day many stapled porcelain objects still exist which is a testament to it's durability.

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