Thursday, 20 May 2010

Alfies' 2nd Nostalgia Event this Saturday!

We can't believe it's already been five weeks since our last event here at Alfies which was the first of our Nostalgia Saturdays series. We trust that all of you who attended had just as wonderful a time as ourselves. The music really did set a perfect backdrop for a vintage inspired Saturday spent discovering countless treasures in the market as well as enjoying a lunch or a little snack and a beverage on the sunny Rooftop Restaurant's terrace.

So we have travelled back in time and enjoyed some wonderful 20's and 30's music, poetry and readings, we feel it is now time to take a leap into the past again.
This time we have dedicated our Nostalgia Saturday to the very eventful and exciting 40's and 50's.
We would be delighted to welcome you on our little time travel adventure and t
ap your feet to the music provided by Dollar Bill and Greaser Leo!

And why not give in to temptation and treat yourself to a tasty milkshake and burger in the Rooftop Restaurant, we know we will!

You can still RSVP to or call 020 7723 6066 to receive our lovely event directory for you to print out and bring along on Saturday.

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