Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Interview with...Beth.


: G023-25, S010/12 & S059/60

1. What do you sell/what service do you provide?
Anything and everything from 1870-1960s, mainly ceramics and beautiful objects.
2. How long have you been at Alfies?
26 years

3. How did you get into selling antiques?

Through family, my mother Beverley is also a dealer at Alfies.

4. What do you think makes Alfies unique?
The atmosphere and the friendships.

5. What is your favourite item you are selling at the moment and why?
A 1930s vanity overnight case. It has two compartments one for makeup, powder and perfume and the other below for jewellery. There is even a hankercheif case to keep your hankies clean and safe.

To see more of Beth's lovely items click here!

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