Thursday, 19 March 2009

Mad Men 4 Alfies: Part 2

By guest writer, Katie Lipton

Mad Men’s Grace Kelly-inspired evening wear, swing skirts and neck scarves are all complimented by fabulous jewellery. Button pearl earrings, signature pendants, costume jewellery and the classic office brooch are as much a part of the must-see programme as the fashion, hair styles and story lines. And of course every aspiring 50’s and 60’s fashionista must-have is the ubiquitous pearl strand.

Just like all of the props and extras in the show, jewellery has a role of its own… and it plays rather well! The first thing that comes to mind is Betty’s pearls. Those pearls are not simply decorative. Like everything on the show the pearls represent something, they represent Betty as a whole…or at least that’s what we are lead to believe.

The costume jewellery is truthfully fantastic. Those clip-ons make me wonder why I ever bothered getting my ears pierced, and those necklaces…don’t get me started!

Check out some of the jewellery here at Alfies to emulate that Mad Men style!

Opal and Sapphire Ring from Pari's Jewellery at Alfies

A vintage 1950's green paste necklace by Vendome from Tony Durante at Alfies

Fifites lucite glitter and shell bracelet with matching clip-on earrings from The Girl Can't Help It at Alfies

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