Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Hopped-Up - An event not to be missed!

We are mad about vintage, not much of a surprise there, but we are also into art, style and fun. All of these can be found here at Alfies, but there is also a new exhibition in town that will guarantee to satisfy you vintage lovers' need for all of the above.

From tonight you can extend your visit at Alfies by taking a short bus ride to Camden to see a new exhibition. The work shown is (partly previously unpublished) photographs by Berlin based photographer David Biene, who has spent the majority of the past few years travelling around Europe attending so called 'weekenders'.

His book 'Hopped-Up' is a portrait of the European scene of the Hot Rodding culture. David Biene uses fine art photography and sophisticated face-to-face interviews to present all the different facets of this subculture and some of its protagonists. This book is about real people and about personalities. It is about true enthusiasm and passion, about sweat and fun, about friendship and individuality. As well as about style and photography.

If you would like to see stunning evidence of a very much alive subculture inspired by the past, enjoy some music from a long gone era and meet the photographer himself you should RSVP to info@proudgalleries.co.uk now. The private opening will be between 6:30pm and 8:30pm followed by live music and the chance to explore 'Hopped-Up' a bit deeper 'til late. Should you not be able to make it tonight don't fret, the exhibition is on until early April.

For those of you who would like to look the part but don't have the wardrobe yet we recommend a little shopping spree to Alfies beforehand where you will definitely be able to find some stunning outfits. And to finish off the look we suggest you get on the phone to Nina's Vintage Hair Parlour and book an appointment to get a sleek hairdo. Oh yes, it will be a long night, so be sure to grab a bite to eat from our Rooftop Restaurant! Right, all set, what's stopping you?

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