Thursday, 1 July 2010

Stars and Stripes

American Independence Day or as the Americans call it, the Fourth of July, commemorates the United States independence form the Kingdom of Great Britain in 1776. It’s commonly celebrated with fireworks, parades and parties and is a great chance to indulge in the fantastic nostalgia that the American dream has instilled all over the world.

Think of the stars and stripes or Hollywood glamour as a great way to inspire a summer picnic or themed cocktail party.

Have a look here for some Alfies hand-picked inspiration:

A selection of American cocktail shakers, some with glasses and ice bowl.Robinson Antiques

Or why not introduce some American 50s style furniture into your home with these selection of chairs from Thirteen Interiors and The Upholstery Workshop.

Set of 4 American 1950's chrome dining chairs re-upholstered in red leatherette with white piping.Thirteen Interiors

A 1950's chair from a set of 6 chairs which has been re-upholstered by The Upholstery Workshop.

Or if you don't fancy hosting your own party, why not treat yourself to a Deluxe Rooftop burger with fries and a soda at the rooftop café?

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