Thursday, 5 August 2010

Jewellery Heaven

Working at Alfies is quite difficult sometimes... it's so hard not to be tempted by all the beautiful objects you see everyday! This is the start of a regular blog post where we will show off some of the many fantastic items the Alfies team have fallen in love with and taken home for keeps!

Our assistant wears a white 1970s shaman inspired bead necklace, a celeste & diamante beaded necklace & vintage faux topaz bangle.

Vintage faux topaz bangle as before & 1950s cocktail ring.

Our wonderful assistant says about her Alfies experience: "Every now and then I see a piece and I go for it. I particularly like 50s jewellery, like this cocktail ring with red and yellow water marks and my celeste and diamante bead necklace (pictured above). It's a time when people started wanting more exuberant and fun objects. But I tend to mix with other periods and styles. The faux topaz bracelet is from a later date. For the summer, this shaman inspired early 70s white bead necklace makes me feel happy because it connects me to other people and places and my boss says it's healing"

All the jewellery pictured was bought from The Originals. You can find their beautiful stand on the second floor at Alfies, Stand No. S057.

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