Thursday, 19 August 2010

Vintage Costume Jewellery

What I love about Alfies is the huge amount of costume jewellery on offer. From all periods and spanning all price ranges there is always something that little bit tempting to try on and buy!

A selection of bakelite and celluloid necklaces and bracelets offered by The Originals

Late 1960s Trifari Lucite Owl Pendant, from Deborah Woolf Vintage.

Where once this mass produced jewellery was considered cheap and worthless, it is now not only collectable but worth far beyond its original price. Costume jewellery was originally created as a disposable accessory to a particular garment, so the variety of styles and materials is a constant reflection of the changing fashion throughout the 20th Century.

Art Deco brooch 1920's offered by Linda Chan

Costume jewellery first appeared early in the 20th Century in Europe and soon the Americans dominated production from the 1920’s. Brands such as Weiss, Coro, Miraim Haskell and Trifari can be found amongst the dealers vast collections at Alfies. During the war, when metal was in short supply, silver became a more economic material to use for jewellery, something that has added and increased the value of these pieces now.

Coro is a middle priced brand synonymous with authentic vintage jewellery. Production stopped in the 1980’s so the pieces in circulation are all collectables.

Signed 'Coro' brooch multicolored glass/gild metal 1950's offered by Tony Durante

Costume jewellery was further made popular by designers such as Dior and Chanel and its use in the Hollywood movie.

1966 Christian Dior 'elephant' brooch offered by Tony Durante

1950s Lucite Bracelet & Earrings, from The Girl Can't Help It

With so many brands and styles to choose from, whether it is something to accessorise a particular outfit or to buy as an investment piece, the Alfies dealers are happy to share their knowledge and offer advice to help you find that perfect piece!

Have a look at the huge collections offered by The Girl Can't Help It, Tony Durante, Persiflage, and The Originals, Deborah Woolf Vintage and many more.

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