Thursday, 23 September 2010

Some Treasured Finds from Alfies

This week we would like to continue our little story about the wonderful vintage treasures some of our staff have found here at Alfies.

Sarina loves fine jewellery and is lucky enough to have lovely people in her life that made some perfect choices for her birthday. The gold swallow with seed pearls, in the image below, was originally a Victorian brooch which our goldsmith Migo (unit S053) worked into a pendant. Sarina also wears a 1980s copy of a Victorian style 'Regards' ring. If you spell out the first letter of each stone it reads the word 'Regards' - Ruby, Emerald, Garnet, Amethyst, Ruby, Diamond, Sapphire.

Both items by Gareth Brooks G079/80

While it is fair to say that she is a bit of a magpie, Sarina isn't the only lucky one to have been given some great vintage finds. Sarina also found the following items for friends and family at this treasure trove that is Alfies Antique Market:

A lovely brown handkerchief which is proudly worn in one of her friend's suit pocket, and a small, white, embroidered handkerchief which will be sewn onto a small cushion.
One friend was especially lucky, he was given the following presents, all very affordable and absolutely stunning vintage treasures: a very dapper navy silk scarf, a 1950's egg cup (beautiful and practical as it was designed for use in times when central heating was non existant, its inside is therefore insulated to the egg warm!). The gift was completed by a quriky card with an embroidered flamenco dancer. Please see the images below:

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