Thursday, 18 November 2010

Alfies' Annual Christmas Shopping Party - 9 December 2010

Dear vintage lovers,

Please allow us to invite you to our annual late night shopping evening here at Alfies Antique Market. As you might have heard, or experienced for yourself, it is always a very popular event which will turn pretty much anyone into a vintage and antiques enthusiast, as well as wake the festive spirit in you!

It is a perfect opportunity to do some gift shopping for your dear ones, find items to add to your own wish list, or simply shortlist items to sleep over and come back another time to take a second look at.

We will do our best to keep your stomach happy by offering a delightful choice of snacks as well as beverages kindly provided by our wonderful Rooftop Restaurant.

The Alfies team is very excited to announce that we have booked the following musicians for your musical entertainment: 'The Smoking Calaveras', who will provide some burning tunes inspired by the music of the 50's, and 'Nick the Squeeze', who will play some classics on his accordion.

And as every year, we have no doubt that our vintage and antiques dealers will have a treat or two planned, too...
Click here see some impressions from last year's event:

the 9th of December is this year's only opportunity to shop at Alfies after hours and, if that is not enough, we will be open right up until 4pm on Christmas Eve!

For your complimentary invitation please call 020 7723 6066 or email

Alfies also has Gift Certificates that make a great alternative if you still can't make up your mind! They can be spent anywhere in Alfies, are valid for a year and come in denominations of £10, £20 and £50.

With festive regards,

Your Alfies Team.

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