Thursday, 4 November 2010

Bonfire Night!

Only last week we celebrated the very last of the semi-warm months with a magnificent scare but with the clocks changed it's official: winter is here, and here to stay. Nevertheless, that's no reason to hide away, the cosy Christmas weeks will come soon enough. Now is the time to create a fire hazard in a park and light up the sky with explosives in all colours of the rainbow! Surely there isn't a better way to welcome the season then to chant 'Remember, remember the 5th of November' in front of a small inferno!

And to do our part in embracing the season and
sweeten the night we had a little look around Alfies and picked out a few treasures to sparkle up those winter coats and capes!

Askel Holmsen Plique a Jour Brooch from Gareth Brooks

Gold, Pearl and Diamond Brooch from Sheila Cameron

1930's Costume jewellery Arrow Brooch from Connie Speight

19th Century Japanese SIlver Fish Brooch from Linda Antiques

Enamel Brooch signed by B. Hertz from Gareth Brooks

1850's Diamond Brooch from Peter & Naneen Brooks

Enjoy your Guy Fawkes weekend!

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