Friday, 11 March 2011

Mid-Century Magic

Alfies has always had an affinity for interiors and lately we've seen the trend for mid-century design skyrocket. With streamline designs and iconic style, Mid-Century still holds it's own in contemporary interior design and deep within design lovers' hearts.

Anouska Hunter Antiques at Alfies Antique Market.

Bent Ply at Alfies Antique Market

Quick definition: Generally speaking Mid-Century modern describes a mid-20th century design movement in architecture, interior, product, and urban design from about 1933-1970.

A pair of Diplomat Chairs, designed by Finn Juhl c.1960s.
From Francesca Martire at Alfies Antique Market.

I recently came across a fantastic online tribute to this design movement, celebrating functional but beautiful objects and creative modern style. The Mid-Century Modernist is a website written by Stephen Coles dedicated to discovering and re-discovering this exciting period of creativity and design.

Konditori Valand, Cafe in Stockholm.
From The Mid-Century Modernist.

In his own words:

"If good design is a balance of aesthetics and utility, the craft peaked in the years between 1945–1970. This era of modernism hit the design sweet spot: functional beauty. Finding harmony between the natural and the manmade, artists and craftsmen created objects that serve their purpose with organic grace. This site is a tribute to the mid-century modern movement as both a historical milestone and a living ideal, reflected in today’s best furniture, architecture, and design." Stephen Coles (aka The Midcentury Modernist)

1940s Teak Screen & Vintage Tub Chair.
From Biis Century at Alfies Antique Market

Rosewood Sideboard designed by Arne Vodder c1959/60.
From Tycho Andrews at Alfies Antique Market.

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