Thursday, 11 August 2011


The pleasures of shopping are endless. Marketplace and mythology are inseparable, and now more so than even. It’s the new season and the time has come to go out, embrace the city, rediscover and regroup. Fashion catalogues, the catwalk and all new collections are full of vintage inspiration of past decades, and the beauty of the antique.

Diamond and Emerald necklace from Zeeba Jewels

Packet watch from Mo Heidarieh

But it’s all happening now!! Enough of cooking in the sun. No more beaches. Forget the countryside. It’s not good for you anyway. Enjoy an al fresco lunch at the Rooftop Restaurant!

The authentic and personal myth is vintage at Alfies and where the real action is. Spread across the decades; find your own personal moment, make a day at Alfies your antidote to mass produced and massively worn. Go out and create your own myth. It’s your time in the city.

Vintage trunk from Tin Tin Collectables

London is history, myth, and reality; and it is all here.

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