Friday, 9 September 2011

Meet the Dealers...

Here at Alfies, it's nice to see the wonderful mix of antiques and collectables the dealers have on offer, along with a price range to suit most people. There really is something for everyone. A perfect destination for gifts, early Christmas shoppers or just a treat for yourself, why not. I had a look around the market and decided to highlight the newcomers.

Phil Startup has been based at Alfies for just over two months...

He sells a wide range of delightful collectables such as books, TV related toys, stamps, decorative glass, camera's, smoking pipes, records, postcards, kitchenalia, sports memorabilia and a whole lot more, his price range starts from 50p - £250.

The oldest items he has are books dating back to the 1850s.

His favourite items are the Dinky TV related toys.

All items available from Phil Startup, unit S013.

Kieron has been with us for 1 month. He has been in the business for 30 years. Kieron sells cufflinks, jewellery and decorative arts. Here is just a small selection of his lovely cufflinks...

Prices start from £100 - £1,500 and upwards. He has items dating back as early as the 1820s and as late as the 1960s.

One of his favourite items is the Cartier cufflink.

All items available from Kieron, unit G066.

Melinda Colthurst has most recently joined us...

She sells antique costumes and accessories, ecclesiastical vestments, small devotional objects and vintage moda flamenca. Her price range starts from £10 to around £400.

The oldest item of clothing is a brown silk taffeta jacket from the 1850s. She also has some latin liturgical books from the 1840s.

Her favourite item is "Impossible to choose." She loves all the ecclesiastical textiles.

Her favourite dress is the Edwardian silk day dress.

She is also particularly attached to her Mantilla combs.
"Like many dealers, I began as a collector and collecting turned into a job."

All items available from Melinda Colthurst, unit F015.

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