Thursday, 9 February 2012

Valentine's Day

Find a unique Valentine's card for your loved one,  East West Antiques has a fabulous selection of vintage cards...

Put it in the post. Goebel Hummel 'Postman' figurine, East West Antiques.

Going on a date? Get ready in style! We love this glam 1920s German porcelain figure, original swansdale powder puff, unused. From Carole Collier.

And for the men, 1920s grooming set from Ian Broughton.

Your outfit will make his heart skip a beat! 1950s Velvet heart skirt from The Girl Can't Help It.

Gentlemen, make sure you're looking dapper! 1930s Cartier cufflinks from Kieron Reilly.

When the moment is right, surprise her with a ring. 1920s 18ct white gold and platinum, sapphire and diamond ring. From Gareth Brooks.

And finally, celebrate your day in style with these Victorian thumb press cocktail/champagne coupes, from Robinson's Antiques.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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