Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Tin Tin Collectables Luggage

Tin Tin Collectables Luggage recently opened a new shop on the first floor at Alfies where you can find a fantastic selection of antique and vintage trunks and travel accessories.

Most of the large trunks were specifically designed for travel by sea or train - where excess weight was not an issue. They were always made to a high specification as they were intended to last 'a lifetime'.  This ideal was cut tragically short with the introduction of air travel, where lightweight luggage became a neccessity. These old dames were consigned to the attics of large houses where they remained until Ralph Lauren decided that they made excellent design pieces and functioned as 'end of bed storage' trunks or coffee tables with great space to store all sorts of things.

The trunks and cases come in a variety of finishes including cream and brown leather, green canvas - some have wooden strapping or leather protective knuckles.  Each has their own identity and story to tell which is what makes them such a great piece in a moden home.

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