Friday, 2 November 2012

Feliks Topolski Trunk

Feliks Topolski studied at the Warsaw Academy of Art and went on to become a war artist for Poland and Great Britain. From 1953 to 1979 he produced a fortnightly chronicle, 'Topolski's Chronicle', which communicated his art and observations to a wider audience, since his death the chronicles have gained great respect as a pictorial and political record spanning nearly thirty years of world history.
Feliks Topolski
We were delighted to be hear that Tin Tin Collectables Luggage have Feliks Topolski's trunk in stock..

Feliks Topolski's trunk from Tin Tin Collectables Luggage

"Feliks Topolski used this trunk on his travels as a war artist on the Western Front where he executed some of his most compelling work. He is also well known as a textile designer and his work can be seen on many a silk scarf from the 1940-1960s. He painted the 600ft mural under the Hungerford Bridge.

This trunk was made to his own design. The top opens to reveal a drop down tray, there is another tray which when removed reveals a hanging wardrobe complete with custom made hangers. The front opens show space for folded shirts."

- Leslie of Tin Tin Collectables Luggage, Stand F014.

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