Thursday, 10 January 2013

The First Floor at Alfies...

What better way to spend a grey January day with a visit to Alfies? Whether you are looking for an Art Deco mirrored frame, a vintage advertising poster or just a beautiful decorative item, Alfies is the perfect place for some serious treasure hunting. Don't forget to visit the first floor, where you can find a breathtaking array of collectable gems...

For old paintings and drawings Michael Amey's unit is a must-visit 

Duncan Clarke, owner of Adire African Textiles, specialises in the handwoven textile traditions 
of West Africa. His indigo dyed fabrics are amazing!

Paul Homden's unit is a real treasure trove full of antique pieces. 

Liz Farrow has been selling vintage advertising posters since 1960. Her stock includes mainly British, French, Italian and Spanish posters from 1920s to 1930s on food and drink, travel, sport and smoking products. 

If you love Italian 20th century design than Modo Italia is the perfect place to visit 
during a shopping spree in Alfies.

Robert McCoy and Peran Dachinger have been trading in oil paintings, drawings 
and water colours for many years.  

Louise Verber has a distinctive stand on the first floor where she sells 20th century furniture and design including Art Deco mirrored frames and French lighting. 

Andrew Martin, owner of Mirror Master, is one of our new dealers on the first floor. He specialises in Art Deco mirrors and small pieces of mirrored furniture. 

Paula and Ken - Travers Antiques - have been trading at Alfies for many years. Their stock includes 19th and 20th century decorative furniture, mirrors and lighting including Art Deco and industrial metal pieces. 

Gloria Sinclair has been in Alfies since 1978 dealing in English and continental porcelain, objects and jewellery.  Her collection of fine art and paintings are amazing as well! 

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