Saturday, 10 August 2013

Baby Jewellery

In recent times, jewellery for babies has become more practical, for example to hold a jacket closed, a bib in place or keep a dummy safe. In ancient history, babies were adorned with ornate jewellery to denote their place in the tribe. In the Victorian era, coral beads, silver lockets, bead necklaces and little bracelets were fashionable. Coral was thought to ward off ill health so babies wore small beaded necklaces and bracelets of coral. The word "Baby" would usually be embossed on tiny brooches and bracelets, these were often given as christening presents, which would become keepsakes passed down from generation to generation.  

A selection of vintage baby jewellery from the 1920s - 1960s. Offered by Paola & Iaia - The Originals
Most antique/vintage baby jewellery is quite fancy, many of the pendants are heart shaped, bangles have elaborate designs, while some are plain to allow the plate to be engraved with the baby's birth date or name. Matching necklaces or bracelets for the parents were also common. In Italy, charms are traditional gifts, the charm depicts what is wished for the baby's future,  for example a bear charm for a boy symbolises masculinity and strength, a ballerina symbolises gracefulness.
Cute little brooches became popular in the mid century, usually caricature's of animals.  
 From Paola & Iaia - The Originals

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