Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Newly Open: Sheelin Lace London

Stand F052/53 on the first floor has undergone a delightful makeover, Rosemary Cathcart and Lilee of Sheelin Lace London have created an ethereal display of beautiful antique lace. It really is a sight to behold.  It is the first time Sheelin Lace have opened in London.  Their original shop and museum in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland has become a destination for those looking for antique lace and in particular Irish lace.

We asked Rosemary a few questions...

What first interested you in lace?
I first got interested in lace about 30 years ago and have been collecting ever since, I am interested in all types of antique needlework but particularly lace, the skill involved in making lace has always fascinated me, and I consider it an amazing art form.

How did you start dealing in lace? 
I opened my shop in N Ireland 16 years ago and sold all types of antiques at first, but very soon I decided to specialise in lace and Costume and also developed the lace museum which has the largest collection of Irish lace in Ireland.

Is there a special piece in your shop that is a personal favourite?
We have many beautiful pieces for sale in the London shop but I particularly love the Irish lace wedding gown and the little pincushion ladies with the antique lace gowns.

There are many types of lace do you have a particular favourite?
My favourite laces are any of the Irish needlelaces as these take the most skill to make and are made with the finest thread, sometimes as fine as 400 gauge.

Do you see any current trends in the antique lace market?
Antique lace is always in fashion as the designers are always using it in their new collections, a few weeks ago I had Chanel designers in my shop looking for lace for their up and coming collection.
I think people will always love lace.

Stand: F052/53 at Alfies Antique Market
Phone: 078 9589 5247
Sheelin Lace website

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