Saturday, 5 July 2014

Accessorise in Style

No matter the era, accessorising has always been a way to show off wealth and promote your social status, but it must not be more complicated than the will to add some extra spark to any ordinary outfit. Accessories are all about personal taste, and your choice of style can truly reflect upon your personality. 

Alfies has everything you need in order to accessorise in your favorite era or decade. Here comes some of ours!


During the Victorian period a wide and eclectic flavour grew for a range of different materials such as mother of pearl, jet, tortoiseshell etc. Another thing that grew was the female hairstyles. Great chignons with long ringlets were topped up with ball combs of different shapes and sizes. 

1900's Opera glasses, offered by June Victor

Victorian ball combs, offered by Naneen Brooks


In the 1930s you walked with a steadier heel. Sandals were popular during the day, but for a night out you preferably slipped your feet into toeless shoes with a heel. Colours and patterns were very welcome as the designers of the decade showed a more playful attitude towards fashion than ever before.

Leather gloves, offered by Tin Tin Collectables
A pair of 30s shoes, originally from India, offered by June Victor


The decade came with a demand for a more feminine look, but the 1950s also meant a lot of change within the fashion industry. The desired silhouette changed almost every year and there was also a clear division between Christian Dior’s New Look and a more easy-to-wear kind of style. 

Crochet gloves, offered by Tin Tin Collectables

Cork bag, offered by Carole Collier


It was a curious decade with a strong belief in the future. Pop culture was a strong influence and nothing was too extreme when it came to patterns, shape and colour. In fact, colour was more of a rule than an exception. With that said, a classic alternative to the explosive colours was still an option. 

Funky sunglasses with earrings, offered by Tin Tin Collectables

Dickens and Jones silk scarf, offered by June Victor
Miss Dior beanie, offered by Carole Collier

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