Thursday, 24 July 2014

Digital art at Alfies Antique Market

If you’ve seen the Barbican’s Digital Revolution and Jean Paul Gaultier exhibitions recently, you’ll know that digital mapping is at the cutting edge of the art world right now.

Central St Martins graduate Jack Irving makes use of the technique, which allows video to be screened onto almost any 3D surface, in his new exhibition ENIGMA, which Alfies Antique Market is proudly hosting for two weeks from Saturday 26th July on our second floor.

Jack’s work comprises the head of an alien goddess miming four Lady Gaga songs over a nine-minute installation. At one point metamorphosing into the head of a pig to complement the track ‘Swine’, the exhibit has both darkly psychedelic and erotic undertones. His method of using holographic glitter mirrors to transform the effect of the digital mapping makes Jack’s approach to this new art form unique and fresh and, Alfies feels, secures his status as a bright star for the future.

Having studied product design, Jack’s vision for his degree showpiece was to create a production concept for a future Lady Gaga world tour, basing his design on the star’s most recent album ‘ARTPOP.’ The album references sea goddesses, galaxies, space and time, which Jack used as key inspirations throughout the design process, creating an installation which collides the deep abyss of both space and the underwater world.     

The actual installation that you see is a 1:150 scale model of a design intended for big shows at Wembley Stadium: an alien manta ray creation which gives the impression of an extraterrestrial invasion upon Wembley. The overall production would take the shape of a three-hour spectacle, but the nine-minute installation you see offers a sample of how the finished piece would transport the audience through the power of projection technology. In a stadium setting, the large projection-mapped head would mimic Lady Gaga’s expressions in an exaggerated fashion. Exploring the theatrical possibilities of the latest technology, Jack’s exhibition offers an unmissable glimpse into today’s rapidly changing art scene.   

So come on down to Alfies and check out Jack’s exhibition – blink and you’ll miss it! Why not combine your visit with some shopping or lunch on our roof top terrace while the summer’s in full swing?

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