Friday, 5 September 2014

Vintage Fashion at Alfies

Every September, London reinstates itself as the style capital when the fashion industry touches down for London Fashion Week. This year it will run from Friday 12th September - Tuesday 16th September.

Fashion is always being reinterpreted, each year we see a creative new take on a classic piece. Contemporary fashion will always be at the forefront, high street shops curate key trends hot off the catwalk making couture wear more affordable to the masses. Whenever it gets a bit too overwhelming it's always nice to go for something original and unique- vintage fashion!

Original 1920s long lame dress, offered by Velvet Atelier

Vintage fashion will always be around and will never go out of style. We love the innovative style of the past, such as cloche hats and drop waist flappers of the 1920s, the long flowing gowns and pill box hats of the 1930s, elegant tea dresses and rolled up blue jeans of the 1940s, the pedal pushers and poodle skirts of the 1950s, bell bottoms and mini skirts of the 1960s, platforms and palazzo pants of the 1970s, spandex and 'power dressing' in the 1980s, and grunge and neon colours of the nineties.

Elegant vintage blue suit by BIBA, offered by Tin Tin Collectables

The 'Noughties' revisited and re-invented a number of different trends from past decades. Up until now we are still seeing the rejuvenation of fashion from a bygone era. To wear an original piece that was created in it's heyday makes it somewhat more special, the fact that these items have stood the test of time proves the superior quality and workmanship of the garment. 

Beautifully detailed 1940s beaded cream cardigan, lined. Offered by June Victor
A 1950s Kigu compact, cigarette case, lipstick holder & bag in one.Offered by Carole Collier

At Alfies we have expert vintage fashion dealers who stock a wide range of vintage fashion and accessories:

On the ground floor visit Tin Tin CollectablesVintage (especially 1900s) Clothing, and Ladies' & Gentlemen's Accessories including Costume Jewellery, Handbags and Cufflinks.

First floor, Velvet Atelier -  Vintage pre 1950s clothing plus designer stock, including Ceil Chapman, Dior, Armani, Alexander McQueen, Vivienne Westwood, Biba, Louis Vuitton and more. 

Be sure to visit June Victor & Carole Collier on the second floor -  Textiles, Fabrics & Vintage Clothing, Vintage Clothing & Accessories, Scent Bottles, Fashion Clothing & Accessories, Embroidery.

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