Monday, 8 December 2014

Nursery Days, by Angela Lynne. Inspired Childrenswear from Tin Tin Collectables and June Victor.

Angela Lynne, an avid collector of children's clothes from the 1890s onward, has this week released a beautiful book inspired by the quality and craftsmanship of children's clothing from bygone eras. In particular the book focuses on the romance of what Lynne describes as the, "Christopher Robin (1920s) to Prince Charles (1950s) period," when muted colours and luxury materials were still heavily present in children's clothing shops, many of which have since ceased trading. Although her collection started with just clothing, it has since evolved into rattles, toys, books, cribs and prams; meaning she now has a permanently laid out day and night nursery, as well as a large clothes room at her grand home in Norfolk.

Angela's passion is such that she sketches as well as collects these adorable items, and as you will see in the book, her lovely illustrations could have stepped straight out of a Winnie the Poo book, featuring the aforementioned Christopher Robin.

An example of one of Angela Lynne's illustrations, on children's coats.
The children of this era, "had their hair cut at Harrods, the clothes they wore were of the most beautiful cut, colour and quality," describes Lynne.

Angela is a customer of our very own Tin Tin Collectables and June Victor at Alfies and has spent many years visiting Leslie and June's stands here, to add to her collection. Many of their items are featured in 'Nursery Days.'

You can find a copy of the book on Amazon.
The cover of 'Nursery Days' by Angela Lynne.

Boy's winter suit from the late 1940s.
Cream silk girl's dress, from the 1930s.
Girl's blue smock dress, from the 1930s.
Handmade Edwardian children's toys.
Handmade Edwardian children's toys.
1920s coat and matching hat in navy wool.
Pink cotton smocked dress, also from the 1920s.

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