Friday, 30 January 2015

Knot Just A Scarf

With winter well upon us it's time to wrap up and keep warm. But why just keep warm with a plain coat or hat when you can add a touch of style and class with a fabulous neckerchief. Here at Alfies you can find a beautiful array of silk, designer and illustrated vintage scarves available from Tin Tin Collectables

Here are just a few Alfies have to offer;

A 1950s scarf by Jacqmar (artist unknown) of the R.M.S. Queen Mary. Heavily detailed with great costume references.

“Jacqmar Presenting”  has sketched images representing various BBC Home Service programmes. The message on this scarf was to encourage people to listen only to the BBC. 1940s rayon scarf by Arnold Lever for Jacqmar.

Founded by Joseph “Jack” Lyons and his wife Mary in 1932. The couple felt that J H Lyons did not sound classy enough so they combined their first names and Jacqmar was born. Based in a very elegant house on 16 Grosvenor Street in Mayfair, the company was originally a supplier of fine silks to the London and Paris couture houses but discovered that being left with fabric remnants was not cost effect, together they worked on the idea of producing scarves made from the left over fabric and today are one of the most famous producers of silk scarves.

A 1950s scarf ‘Pennies from Heaven’ by Marcel Vertes.
A 1942 scarf ‘Combined Operations’ was formed by Churchill to bring together the best of British Military. 

The 8th Army Air Force scarf by Arnold Lever. This scarf contains the names of bombers and fighter planes of the US 8th Army Air Force.

The WW2 propaganda Jacqmar scarves designed by Arnold Lever are some of the most rare and sought after scarves to be produced. So much so that some of his designs are now collected as museum pieces. His amazing designs show an insight into life during the war. Although silk could not be used during WW2 it wasn't long until the scarves came back into production and ladies were able to purchase again from 1945.

A 1943 propaganda scarf depicts Winston Churchill with his iconic cigar and extracts from his most famous speeches.
A 1950s scarf depicting the interior of the Royal Opera House Covent Gardens. Printed by Jacqmar - artist possibly Arnold Lever.
The Lullington Silk Scarf

This signed Arnold Lever scarf depicts the Lullington Silk mills. The background is mulberry leaves with a silk loom in the foreground, the whole machine being operated by a ‘crowned’ silk worm. Lulington silk famously produced silk for Queen Elizabeth's wedding dress.

'All around the underground’ a 1950s humorous scarf by Arnold Lever depicting images of the underground seen from different stations.

The company carried on throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s with continued designs of scenic renderings, bold colours, and geometric shapes. Today Jacqmar remains one of the most sought after designers leading the way in designing and producing silk scarves.

For more information and to view the full range available pop in for a visit and speak to Tin Tin Collectables on our ground floor.

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