Friday, 24 April 2015

St. George's Day

Saint George's Day, Thursday 23rd April, is the feast day of Saint George and a national celebration for England. It is celebrated by various Christian Churches and by the several nations, kingdoms, countries, and cities of which Saint George is the patron saint. April 23rd is traditionally accepted as the date of Saint George's death in 303 AD, and in 1222 the Council of Oxford declared the date to be St George’s Day, however it was not until 1348 that St George became the Patron Saint of England.

The Legend Of St George And The Dragon
The medieval legend of St George and the dragon is over a thousand years old. The tale goes that the dragon settled by the fresh water spring near the town of Silene in Libya. When people came to collect water, they disturbed the dragon and so offered sheep as a distraction but after some time the villagers ran out of sheep to offer. To keep the dragon at bay the people of Silene decided to choose a maiden from the town by drawing lots. It was revealed that the princess was to be the dragon’s next victim. Despite the Monarch’s protests his daughter Cleolinda was offered to the dragon. However, at the last moment a knight in shining armor came to the rescue in the form of St George, a knight of the Crusades. He dismounted his white horse, drew his sword while protecting himself with the sign of the cross and fought the dragon on foot slaying the dragon and saving the princess. The people of Silene were so exceptionally grateful they abandoned their pagan beliefs to convert to Christianity.

Lea Stein dragon brooch offered by Paola & Iaia of The Originals

At Alfies we love a good story and stock a variety of antiques and collectables to celebrate this historic day. Here are a few of our favourites;

A beautiful pair of Art Deco stained glass window panels depicting the identical 'St George Sailing Boat' scene.
Offered by Eclectic Antiques & Contemporary

1842 soldiers original and hand coloured print offered by Moe Heidarieh

Solid silver 1950's dragon and English flag charms, offered by Good Time Antiques

A 20th century Wedgewood lustre dragon vase, offered by Janes Antiques

Yves Saint Laurent glass and enamel brooch, offered by April Antiques

A 1960s Celtic pottery dish offered by Robinson Antiques

A pair of early 20th century brass dragon candlesticks, offered by Louise Verber Antiques

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