Friday, 22 January 2016

A World of Pop Art

The Tate Modern is currently hosting 'The EY Exhibition: The World Goes Pop', which, finishing Sunday 24th January, is in its last few days.

The exhibition tries to veer away from Western Pop Art, and takes a look at the movement through the lens of the rest of the world. From Latin America to Asia, and from Europe to the Middle East, art from all over the world during the 1960s and 1970s is showcased, displaying how different cultures and countries responded to Pop Art during this period.

Delving into this colourful movement, you can see that Pop Art was about more than just Western consumer culture - it was also often used to remonstrate against many issues, including politics, the body and consumption. The unmistakable style is, in this exhibition, shown across an array of mediums, including prints and painting, sculpture and moving pictures.

To celebrate the last few days of this spectacular show at the Tate Modern, we've collected together our favourite Pop Art themed pieces from Alfies:

David Bowie, by Pure Evil. From Diplomat Treasures International.
Pop Art Tears, by Amy Preston. Available as a set of four colours. From Diplomat Treasures International.

Audrey Hepburn, by Pure Evil. From Diplomat Treasures International.

Table and Six Chairs by Ringo Starr and Robin Cruickshank. From Angela Ball.

Set of three 'Orbit' plates in ironstone, from Burleigh Ware. From Robinson Antiques.

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