Thursday, 17 March 2016

New Art Dealer Joins Alfies

This month we welcome John Cserny to Alfies, our latest art dealer to join the art gallery on our first floor.

Stand F050/51 has undergone a wonderful transformation, filled with a beautiful array of still life, landscape, portrait, impressionist paintings, and more! Ranging from the early 17th century up to the 1980s, John has a large selection of fine art works including many signed and important pieces.

A view inside John Cserny's shop

We asked John a few questions...

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your business?
I have been a professional art dealer for over 35 years dealing in fine art from the 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries.

What first interested you in art?
I remember when I was about 6, my father, who always had an interest in art, asked my opinion on a painting. From then on it's always been an interest of mine.

How did you first start dealing in art?
Originally I had a career as a mechanical engineering designer, but in 1982 I decided to take a new path and pursued my love of art to become a professional dealer.

Do you have a personal favourite in your collection?
Yes, this one has always been my favourite;

I bought it a long time ago thinking it was a portrait of the Admiral De' Ruyter as it said so on the back, however it actually looks nothing like him and is in fact a portrait of the Admiral Cornelis Tromp, a Dutch navy officer who then became a Danish Admiral. He was quite a character, a ladies man and a heavy drinker. So much so that a lot of Dutch pubs are named after him. He was also very vain and at the time had all the best artists make portraits of him!

Do you have a favourite artist?
Yes, my particular favourite is the French painter James Tissot. I love his subject matters and how he conveys the Parisian party scenes.

Here a just a few from John's collection that he has to offer; 

Clockwise from top left: An early continental C20th still life of flowers, signed oil on canvas; C20th water colour and gouache 'New Years Day Show & All Fools Day Show' by Alexander Romanovich Levitsky, born 1940; Early C20th British school oil on canvas, 'Boys By The Sea'; Late C19th, oil on metal panel, 'Amorous Couple' by John Dawson Watson.

Clockwise from top left: C1700 Spanish school oil on canvas, 'Rescuing Souls From Damnation'; 1882, E G Black, oil on canvas of a girl gathering wood; 1950s signed water colour and gouache fashion design; C19th oil on canvas, signed landscape of resting wood gatherers.

Clockwise from top left: Late C20th, signed oil on canvas 'Chicargo Girls'; 1889 Italian signed oil on canvas painting of 'Venice By Moonlight'; Early C18th oil on panel Dutch portrait of the Admiral Cornelis Tromp; 1982 water colour and gouache by R P Lister, 'The Four Grey Ladies'.

Stand: F050/51 at Alfies Antique Market

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