Friday, 6 May 2016

London Craft Week - Getting Crafty With Alfies

This week we are excited about the second edition of London Craft Week (3 - 7 May), which takes place across several locations in London. Last year they launched with 70 events, this year they will play host to an impressive 130 events across the city, showcasing the wonderful works and craftsmanship of renowned artists to new makers in the industry.

In the studio with London Glass Blowing for London Craft Week

The London Craft Week ethos is to experience the magic of true creativity. They believe in showcasing what quality means and offering opportunities to meet and watch some of the world's most finest artists at work. Visitors will also have a chance to try the skills themselves. Events taking place include beautiful gems such as diamonds being cut and polished, fragrances being developed, silversmithing, fine ceramic painting and glass blowing.

We are particularly looking forward to seeing London Glass Blowing with Peter Layton, demonstrating their spectacular glass art skills. Peter Layton’s contribution to glass art has been at the forefront of British studio glass since the 1970s and has contributed hugely to its promotion and success. In the last 40 years, scores of talented glass makers have worked under his tutelage, producing successful collaborative projects and individual works of glass art. We are pleased to announce London Glass Blowing company will be hosting a week long pop-up at Alfies this September, in collaboration with Alfies 40th anniversary celebrations.

'Cascade' by Peter Layton, London Glass Blowing

At Alfies we are proud to have our own team of craftsmen and women.

Thirteen Upholstery Workshop have been based at Alfies for over 10 years and were established more than 20 years ago. They deal with all materials from silk to leather, on an unlimited range of vintage furniture and other items, in particular mid century pieces.

Luiz of Thirteen Upholstery at work
The finished result; a 1966 Jupiter chair designed by Pierre Guariche for Meurop.

Thirteen Upholstery Workshop | Unit G005 | Tel: 07811 008 144

Symphony of Shadows are our vintage clothing alterations and repairs specialists. Laurie Vanian is skilled in all aspects of dress making including pattern making and creating bespoke pieces. From her studio at Alfies, Laurie is no ordinary seamstress; her unique background in the London punk scene, training at two of the very best fashion institutes, and experience with stage costume and underground fashion give Laurie a certain edge to her original and exquisite work.

Laurie Vanian working on a bespoke piece in her studio in Room D

Symphony of Shadows | Room D | Tel: 07951 527 568 |

William Campbell Fine Frames and Framing have been based at Alfies since 1992. William is an artist in his own right. He is skilled in creating a wide range of high quality bespoke wooden frames, from contemporary box frames to spectacular copies of period gilded frames. William is a proud member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, proving that he has built an enviable and consistent reputation in the business for excellence.

William Campbell

William Campbell's workshop window.

William Campbell Fine Frames and Framing | Unit G006-08 | Tel: 020 7723 7730 |

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