Friday, 3 June 2016

New stand: Horner Antiques

Michael Horner of Horner Antiques has recently moved into a larger unit (G012-13) with a window display, which has been fantastically dressed in Chinese and Japanese blue and white. It is the first time these chargers have been seen in the UK.

We had a fascinating glimpse in Michael's stunning new stand...

Horner Antiques Chinese and Japanese blue and white window display

Horner Antiques specialises in Oriental wares and have an extensive range of items

Snuff bottles

Snuff bottles
Horner Antiques have a great selection of Chinese snuff bottles in various materials such as bone, porcelain, stone, jasper and china. They date from 1850 onwards. Up until cocaine was banned they were used for cocaine as well as snuff. They were not made for any particular market. Examples have been collected for centuries and can be found in all manner of colour and decoration from incredibly plain to very fancy, including erotic.

A selection of Imari

An extensive range of Imari, mostly dating to the Meiji period (1863-1912) are on display. Imari is a port in Japan, the wares are actually made in Arita and shipped through the port of Imari. They were shipped in packing cases that were stencilled Imari, hence when they came to the West they were thought of as Imari wares rather than Arita.


Horner Antiques Kutani collection. Ku means nine, Tani means Valley – 9 valleys - the name of the place the items come from in Japan. The traditional colour pigments used in Kutani ware are found in the area.

Horner Antiques
Stand G012-13
Tel: 07748 653 580

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