Friday, 19 August 2016

Birthstone of August: Peridot

The peridot is a lustrous yellowish-green gem that is not as commonly worn as some other birthstones. For this reason, many people are curious about this underated gemstone when they begin a search for peridot gifts, for those born in August. 

In ancient times, Egypt was the primary source of the peridot, called the ‘Gem of the Sun.' The Egyptians were extremely fascinated with the stone, and they were made into Talisman to ward off evil. Interestingly, the gemstones worn by Queen Cleopatra were not emeralds as it was widely believed, but actually the peridot.

While all peridots are green, it is found in different shades spanning from pale green, olive-green to even bright lime. The most expensive Peridots are sparkling lime-green without brown or yellow hues.  

Below are our top peridot picks at Alfies...

1940s 14k gold ring, available from Pars Jewellery
9kt yellow gold ring, c1960s, available from Pars Jewellery
Peridot & diamond 18kt gold ring, c1920s, offered by Naneen Brooks
Russian 14k gold ring and earring set, with peridot, blue topaz and amethyst, c1960s, available from Pars Jewellery
9kt gold peridot & amethyst pendant, c1920s, available from Naneen Brooks

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