Thursday, 6 April 2017

Depictions of Spring in Painting

The Spring landscape has always been an inspiration for artists throughout history, from Renoir through to Monet and Van Gogh. This particular time of year has informed some incredibly famous pieces of art, still being a widely referenced subject matter in the modern world. The vibrancy of colours and ever changing light during this season are characteristics often focused on within painting and since it's a time where the land is changing and developing, allows for a huge variety of interpretations by artists.

It’s quite clear that nature continues to be a huge source of inspiration and so with this in mind, along with the recent emergence of sunshine, we thought we would look for some of our own Spring inspired artwork here at Alfies.

Oil on board Impressionist style painting, late 20th Century. Signed Bere. Offered by John Cserny Fine Arts
Oil on board, 1960s. Signed Alan Hudson. Offered by i Fine & Contemporary Art
Old Haycock vegetable garden, oil on canvas, 1950s. Signed Christopher Sanders. Offered by Robert McKoy Fine Arts
English watercolour painting, early 20th Century. Signed E. Mould. Offered by John Cserny Fine Arts

Oil on canvas, 1950s. Signed D. Bereny. Offered by John Cserny Fine Arts
Garden Flowers, oil on board, 1970s. Signed India Duncan. Offered by i Fine & Contemporary Arts

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