Monday, 18 September 2017

New Dealer: Pax Romana Ltd

Pax Romana Ltd, one of the leading suppliers and collectors of ancient art & numismatics in the world, have recently joined Alfies.

In their gallery on the second floor, you will find a large selection of ancient and medieval art and coins. In addition to this, they offer highly specialised professional services in the fields of appraisal, authentication and conservation of antiquities from neolithic to post medieval periods.

Below is just a small selection of the treasures they have on offer....

Viking horned open-work pendant

Roman silvered plate brooch with cruciform motif

Hoi An Shipwreck Hoard - Decorated jar with lid

Viking gold earrings

Early medieval Viking neck-torc with Lunar, sun, spoon pendants

Roman Empire --Phillip I Arab (244_249) AR antoninianus

Indus valley painted terracotta jar with animal motif

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