Thursday, 26 October 2017

Happy Halloween!

As ever Alfies is a hub of interesting things to see - and Halloween is no exception!

Traditionally known as All Hallows Eve, Halloween marks the start of the Hallowmas season, which includes All Saints Day and All Souls Day. The entire season is dedicated to remembering the dead.

Rooted in Pagan religion, the nature of this holiday is much darker than the rest of the modern calendar and whilst the celebration has become much more playful in its mood over the years, the original occult symbolism that illustrates the holiday remains largely unchanged.

Here are some of our favorite themed items in store... 

A pair of 1980s paste star and moon earrings. Offered by Gloria Sinclair

An oriental door knocker/handle c1900s. Offered by Good Time Antiques

A contemporary one of a kind mirror, offered by Andrew at Diplomat Treasure International

A 1950s German cat vase. Offered by Renato

A 1980s paste serpent brooch. Offered by Gloria Sinclair

A 1950s silver 'Pan' charm. Offered by Good Time Antiques

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