Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Emerald - The Birthstone for May

Lucky readers, who celebrate their birthday this month, can make legitimate requests to loved ones for a beautiful emerald gift from Alfies - emerald is the birthstone for May.

The word emerald is derived from the Greek smaragdos via Old French esmeralde. Its meaning is simply green gemstone. It is such a unique jewel that a
special cut was developed just for it: the emerald cut. So if jewellery is a present for you, here are some great emerald ideas:

A 1940's emerald & diamond ring

A mid 19th Century 15ct gold filigree brooch set with citrine and emerald. Circa 1860.
Marie Antiques

A pair of stunning 1940's rose diamond, emerald and ruby chandelier earrings
Pari's Jewellery

There are some world famous emeralds out there - The New York Museum of Natural History displays a cup made of pure emerald, while
the emerald crystal named Patricia is one of the largest (it weighs a hefty 632 carats!) But they may be a little over budget, so as an alternative you could always suggest that an emerald coloured present from Alfies would suffice (and they're not just presents for ladies!):

1920's/30's continental wrought iron magazine holder
Bent Ply

Green glass round Art Deco mirror
Louise Verber Antiques

A 1930's green pressed glass fruit bowl with 3 Art Deco ladies holding up the bowl
Ian Broughton

An industrial light with green shade
Stephen Lazarus

In ancient Rome green represented Venus, the Goddess of Love. We're sure that these emerald gift ideas from Alfies will keep that symbology going a little longer - what is not to love?!

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